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Russis Kemerovo Region
Russis Kemerovo Region
13.27Mb (322 downloads)
FS2004 Scenery Russia-Kemerovo region UNWI-Tashtagol, XNET-Tanay, XNKM-Kemerovo (Severniy), ZB2W-Mikhailovka, ZBH8-Leninsk-Kuznetsky, ZC7U-Muryuk (Novaya Pokrovka), ZCT5-Kemerovo (Borovoy), ZD0U-Mezhdurechensk, ZDR2-Novokuznetsk (Sosnovka), ZE0M-Saltymakovo, ZE0N-Kiya-Shaltyr, ZE0P-Tsentralnyy, ZE0Q-Chumaiy, ZE0V-Yaya, ZE0W-Izhmorskiy, ZE0X-Ulanovka, ZE12-Tuyla, ZE13-Taezhno-Alexandrovka, ZE14-Verkhnyaya Chebula, ZE15-Mariinsk, ZE18-Tundinka, ZE1B-Tyazhinskiy, ZE1R-Novokuznetsk (Abagur-Lesnoi)
Posted Nov 12, 2014 09:38 by Andrey Anta
Rovaniemi Airport,  EFRO, Finland
25.01Mb (1003 downloads)
Rovaniemi Airport, EFRO, Finland. Rovaniemi airport is located at the arctic circle in North Finland. It is also known as The official airport of Santa Claus and has become a popular airport for charter flights during the Christmas time. This scenery adds most of the buildings to the airport. The Finnish Coast Guard and Finnish Air Force areas at the airport remain untouched except some hangars as dummy objects. Included are also many landmarks, buildings and bridges in the city, as well as the biggest hospital in Northern Finland with a helipad. The Rovaniemi 4.1 introduces an expanded photoreal city scenery with all the seasons, nightlights and autogen. This is an old scenery uploaded. Please read docs for further info.
Posted Nov 9, 2014 11:50 by Tatu Kantomaa
Russia-Republic of Khakassia
Russia-Republic of Khakassia
8.17Mb (252 downloads)
Russia-Republic of Khakassia - Includes airports - UNAI-Shira, UNAS-Sayanogorsk, UNAX-Ust'-Byur', UNAY-Tashtyp, ZB30-Kryl'ya Khakassiyi and ZE0K-Abaza
Posted Oct 31, 2014 16:01 by Andrey Anta
President Obiang Nguema International Airport, Ecuatorial Guinea, Africa
0.00Mb (387 downloads)
President Obiang Nguema International Airport FGMY Oyala / Mongomeyen Airport Ecuatorial Guinea in Africa
Posted Oct 29, 2014 16:08 by Alberto Thomas
Annobon Airport / Guinea Ecuatorial
1.02Mb (336 downloads)
A new airport for FS2004. The real airport apparently does not have an ICAO code - but the code FGAB is used by AI flight plan writers. These files add the airport to your FS2004 world and setup the airport for AI traffic - specifically the World of AI packages. Location - FGAB/ Annobon Island is located about 220 nm west of the coast of Africa, and about 110 miles southwest of Sao Tome Island. The island is only about 4 miles by 2 miles. The island population is about 5,000. The airport has minimal air traffic - often only one to three flights per week.
Posted Oct 28, 2014 00:23 by Reggie Fields
Russia Altai Krai Area Airports
Russia Altai Krai Area Airports
15.63Mb (371 downloads)
Created airports in the Altai Krai are of Russia. List of airports: UNBI-Biysk, UNBM-Volchikha, UNBR-Rubtsovsk, UNBW-Petropavlovskoye, UNBZ-Soloneshnoye, XNBJ-Aleysk, XNBK-Kamen'-na-Obi, XNBN-Lesnoy, XNBP-Panfilovo, XNBR-Sibirskiy (Borovikha), XNBS-Slavgorod (Severniy), ZA2B-Charyshskoye, ZAJ8-Slavgorod (Yuzhniy), ZAK0-Shadrino, ZDE1-Ust'-Kalmanka, ZDL7-Burla, ZE0J-Zonalnoye, ZE0L-Tselinnoye, ZE29-Starobelokurikha, ZE47-Kur'ya, ZEC3-Mikhaylovskoye
Posted Oct 26, 2014 17:18 by Andrey Anta
Russia-Altai Republic
Russia-Altai Republic
11.53Mb (704 downloads)
Russia-Altai Republic UNBA-Kosh-Agach, UNBD-Aktash, UNBG-Gorno-Altaysk, UNBT-Dzhazator (Tal'menka), UNBU-Ust'-Koksa, ZD1L-Souzga, ZE27-Aktash, ZE2A-Karasuk, ZE98-Barantal
Posted Oct 12, 2014 01:54 by Andrey Anta
Russia - Republic of Tyva
Russia - Republic of Tyva
10.47Mb (345 downloads)
Russia-Republic of Tyva UNAG Mugur Aksy, UNKD Kyzyl Mazhalyk, UNKY Kyzyl, UNYA Khamsara, UNYE Saryg Sep, UNYH Khovu Aksy, UNYK Kuznetsovo Kungurtuk, UNYR Erzin, UNYS Severny Arzhan Solnechny, UNYT Todzha, UNYX Yuzhny Arzhan Dolgy Most, UNYY Yrban.Shishmarevo. Achinskaya, XNKY Kyzyl, ZC4K Handagaity, ZDE0 Shagonar, ZE04 Dus Dag (Torgalyg), ZE07 Chadan, ZE08 Khut
Posted Oct 2, 2014 09:07 by Andrey Anta
Mansfield YMFD, Victoria, Australia
Mansfield YMFD, Victoria, Australia
3.56Mb (493 downloads)
The Official Tourism site for Mansfield and Mount Buller region in Victoria's (Australia) High Country. This is a very challenging airstrip, but lots of fun! Easy copy and paste Install with instructions. Includes AI traffic, objects, barn-storming barn and exclusion map.
Posted Sep 8, 2014 22:47 by Spike
AI Cessna C208B Grand Caravan SANSA
2.15Mb (379 downloads)
SANSA - Costa Rica Cessna C208B Grand Caravan AI Model for FS2002 & FS2004 ATC by Henry Tomkiewicz, July 2004 Paintkit by Dario R.Jimenez
Posted Aug 15, 2014 16:00 by Henry Tomkiewicz