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Dallas, November 22nd, 1962
Dallas, November 22nd, 1962
6.33Mb (2198 downloads)
The scenery takes us back to that day in Dallas in 1962. I had searched but found no scenery in FSX that dealt with this subject, so using mostly default items I tried to recreated the scene. It is not completely realistic as I did not have the actual cars and a few of the other objects to work with. I did the best with what I had to work with though. Be looking for shooters hidden along the route as there are a number of them and hard to spot. I also added the railroad over pass that is just past the Grassy Knoll. Fast forward a couple of hours and when you go to Dallas Love Field, at the far end of the airport you will see the era Boeing-707 Air Force One with the secrect service peparing to load the casket onboard for the flight back to Washington D.C. In addtion to the obvious scenery I have also added many buildings and parking lots with cars as the default left Dallas lacking in buildings. I just sort of sprused it up at bit and I also added my version of Parkland Memorial Hospital which is actually a defualt object but it does add to the scenery. I did move the hospital across the street from the original location to have better parking lots and be closer to the freeway. You can plainly see Dallas Love feild airport from the Hospital. This is a scenery ment to remmber JFK and the events of that day in history as well as to bring a touch of reality to FSX.
Posted Nov 21, 2013 09:09 by Dan Culver
0.56Mb (825 downloads)
FSX Scenery--Irish Sea Ferries. A small dynamic scenery project which models the HSS Stena Line Car Ferry from Belfast to Stranraer, and Dun Laoghaire to Holyhead. Also modelled is the Norfolk Line Car Ferry from Belfast to Liverpool. The timetables are correct and were created using AIBTC and the ship models were created using Gmax. By Terry Shields.
Posted Nov 20, 2013 03:25 by fsshipyards
LROP, Bucharest-Otopeni, Henri Coanda Airport, Romania
19.67Mb (2536 downloads)
LROP, Bucharest-Otopeni, Henri Coanda airport, Romania, for FSX. Includes new finger terminal and more.
Posted Nov 15, 2013 06:02 by Lucian Cristea
VEGY Gaya, India
0.09Mb (316 downloads)
This is a complete overhaul to Gaya airport in Gaya, India. We have added a new runway parallel to 10 and 28, and re-opened the smaller GA runway. There are now 2 GA areas complete with parking and fuel, and an entire terminal area with 10 medium gates and 2 heavy gates. This was made by the Chesapeake Construction Design Team on FSEconomy.
Posted Nov 10, 2013 18:05 by Kyle Layman
Shimla Airport VISM, India
Shimla Airport VISM, India
12.21Mb (1723 downloads)
VISM Airport, Shimla India scenery for FSX Acceleration. Shimla is a VFR only airport.
Posted Nov 9, 2013 23:31 by Ratan Lewis
Stansted Airport (EGSS) London, UK
Stansted Airport (EGSS) London, UK
0.66Mb (2965 downloads)
Stansted Airport (EGSS) London, UK. This scenery is for Stansted Airport and made only for FSX: assigned parking (to the best of my knowledge) with extra parking, the runway corrected to 4/22, taxiways and taxi signs updated to the latest charts, the roads to the terminal Thremhall Avenue and Bassingbourn Road now added the best i can, extra fuel trucks and many other improvements, airport views are from inside the control tower (when in tower view) please view the readme before installation, a must to mention is my very grateful thank you to Ray Smith for his time and patience in helping me with my first project i really learned so much from him over the months creating it. Craig Scott
Posted Nov 6, 2013 10:40 by uploader
FSX/P3D Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Scenery, NY
FSX/P3D Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Scenery, NY
370.97Mb (2848 downloads)
The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Scenery, NY FSX/P3D. This scenery represents The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Rhinebeck N.Y. It is freeware. The package included photo-real textures, includes all hangars, out-buildings, all ORA iconic objects, an AI D25 New Standard aircraft, detailed flight line of vintage aircraft, and detailed instruction manual. Created by Golden Age Simulations and Ed Wells
This detailed Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Scenery was created as voluntary donationware in aid of Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum, a non profit organisation. To make a donation to this museum please go to http://oldrhinebeck.org/ORA/donate/
Posted Nov 4, 2013 18:07 by uploader
Port Columbus. Ohio, KCMH FSX
Port Columbus. Ohio, KCMH FSX
24.53Mb (1153 downloads)
Port Columbus International. Columbus Ohio FS9 Scenery converted to FSX Original Scenery by Sidney Schwartz, converted to FSX by Timothy Thomas Detailed terminal, extra parking, Airliner Gate Assignments, and GSX ready. AFCAD as designed with GSX in mind
Posted Nov 4, 2013 11:56 by Timothy Thomas
Aconcagua Mountain Range, Argentina, Scenery Package
Aconcagua Mountain Range, Argentina, Scenery Package
25.55Mb (2501 downloads)
Aconcagua Mountain Range, Argentina, photoreal scenery. Includes base camp and heliport. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas at 6,960.8 m. It is located in the Andes mountain range, in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, and lies 112 kilometres northwest of its capital, the city of Mendoza. by juan30005
Posted Nov 3, 2013 11:08 by juan30005
KOAK - Metropolitan Oakland International Airport, California
0.03Mb (1045 downloads)
This Airport was updated by Google Maps and Airport Diagram. Adds lots of new Parking Spots and Runway Fixes. Also fixes all new runway numbers. Does not impact Frame Rates.
Posted Nov 2, 2013 02:45 by Delta2585