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Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport Blacksburg Virginia. This airport was fixed and updated from the airport diagram and Google Maps.
Posted Mar 6, 2012 17:26 by Delta2585
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This is a scenery update for the default FSX Winterset airport, Winterset, Iowa. This update will fix the taxiways and runway to better match Google Earth images. was used for information on this airport. Google Earth was also use. This airport was created using Airport Design Editor 1.50.
Posted Mar 4, 2012 00:15 by SMS
VOML-Mangalore Airport, India
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Mangalore Airport (India). Added new runway and terminal to stock FSX VOML airport.
Posted Mar 1, 2012 00:53 by Ratan Lewis
KHMZ-Bedford Co, Pa,  Update
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This is an update to the airport in Bedford, PA. You may want to download the tree removal kit because there is one tree in-front of the newest hangar.
Posted Feb 26, 2012 00:12 by Jarrod Clapper
FSX EDTG Bremgarten Airfield, Germany
FSX EDTG Bremgarten Airfield, Germany
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EDTG Bremgarten, former AG51 "Immelmann" Reccon AirBase in South Germany. Works perfect with VFR Germany 3
Posted Feb 25, 2012 04:07 by
Inner Dowsing, Lincs & Lynn Offshore Wind Farms, UK
Inner Dowsing, Lincs & Lynn Offshore Wind Farms, UK
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Three neighbouring wind farms in the North Sea close to Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast, England. A total of 129 animated wind turbines. Each wind turbine includes a boat landing platform. Addon for freeware FSX Power Project v4.0
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 22, 2012 17:20 by Ray Porter
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This Scenery is the exact scenery from the airport diagram. These Airport's are in the central valley in California. There is KFAT E79 KFCH & KMAE. If you have an airport you would like me to do e-mail me at You need Winrar to open.
Posted Feb 20, 2012 14:44 by Delta2585
FNLB - Lobito Airport, Angola
FNLB - Lobito Airport, Angola
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This is a scenery pack for Lobito Airport, Angola. The FSX default FNLB has only a runway. I corrected the AFCAD by adding the correct Taxiways, Aprons, Buildings, Parking Positions and lots of other details.
Posted Feb 15, 2012 15:53 by Ian Pasternak (ian727)
Flymandrier Bedarieux Airfield, LFNX, France
Flymandrier Bedarieux Airfield, LFNX, France
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The scenery covers the airfield of Bedarieux La-Tour-sur-Orb. it is situated in the Herault, possesses a simple runway of 975 meters and is equipped with two sheds. The airfield is used by planes, but also by gliders and ULM. The airfield being situated on a table land full of trees, the landing is a real challenge. Don't forget to read the Readme. Manual in French and English.
Posted Feb 13, 2012 23:26 by Flymandrier
SCGO Angol Los Confines Airdrome, Chile
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SCGO Angol Los Confines Airdrome, Chile. Improves surfaces and runway lights
Posted Feb 11, 2012 15:42 by Rb Cessna V.