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Yellowstone National Park Photoscenery Part 1 of 5
552.10Mb (2875 downloads)
This is Photoreal scenery for Yellowstone National Park in the United States. The package is 3Gb compressed due to the high detail and area coverage. It covers 4340 square miles or 11240.5 square kilometers. Zip preview for more screenshots.
Posted Oct 5, 2012 14:14 by scenery dude
VOMY, Mysore Airport, India
VOMY, Mysore Airport, India
1.35Mb (815 downloads)
FSX Acceleration scenery VOMY is a VFR only airport a simple gps navigation is added for night flights. All comments or feedbacks are welcome.
Posted Oct 5, 2012 08:10 by Ratan Lewis
FSX Pitcairn Islands Photoreal Scenery
FSX Pitcairn Islands Photoreal Scenery
32.27Mb (1437 downloads)
Pitcairn Islands is a small group of islands in the South Pacific, made famous by the Bounty mutineers in the 18th century. Today the islands are British Oversees Territory. This package includes all four islands: Pitcairn, Henderson, and the two atolls of Ducie and Oeno. Texture resolution 1m/pixel. By Tiberius Kowalski
Posted Oct 5, 2012 05:32 by Tiberius Kowalski
0.00Mb (319 downloads)
Gaza Yasser Arafat International Airport Lights Upgrade LVGZ, Palestine. This is a very simple upgrade that adds PAPI4 visual guide slopes to both runways and ALSF1 approach lights.
Posted Oct 2, 2012 20:52 by L.M.
Igdir Airport LTCT, Turkey
Igdir Airport LTCT, Turkey
0.80Mb (1273 downloads)
Igdir Airport, LTCT, is a new airport in the east of Turkey near the Armenian border. IGDIR Airport LTCT opened JULY 2012. This airport was made using Airport Design Editor. Main terminal added default building of ADE. This also places a few objects from the default FSX scenery library. Compiled using Airport Design Editor. Thanks to Sunay Kilic for help. Version LTCT 2012 V1.0 By Hakan DAGHAN
Posted Sep 30, 2012 10:58 by Hakan DAGHAN
Batajnica Air Base LYBT, Serbia Package
35.98Mb (1344 downloads)
This is a scenery package of Batajnica airforce base in Serbia. It is a 80% realistic representation of the airport complete with photoreal ground textures. Please see included readme file for details.
Posted Sep 25, 2012 15:38 by Vladimir Levkov
Itanhaem SDIM, Sao Paulo, Brazil Scenery
6.78Mb (887 downloads)
FSX Scenery for SDIM Itanhaem Municipal Airport, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, not to far from Santos. This scenery doesn't work in FS2004. This airport doesn't exist in FSX. I had very few photographs to work with, so I took some guesses. The scenery is self contained and it includes de very old Aeroporto de Praia Grande, now totally out of commision, but the grass field is still there. I took a guess that the Praia Grande airport would be SBPG, but that is a complete guess. The package includes a couple of aircraft that appear in the scenery flying around. If you don't want the aircraft to appear, simply don't install them. Made by Fern Marques fernmarques@yahoo.com. For free distribution only.
Posted Sep 22, 2012 17:09 by Fern Marques
LIDH Thiene Airport, Italy
LIDH Thiene Airport, Italy
10.20Mb (2358 downloads)
After the success about LIDB Belluno and Casera Razzo mountain airstrip present here on Simviation, VicDabor have the pleasure of representing LIDH Thiene freeware for all enthusiast simmers. Incredibly absent on FSX menu selection, Thiene is an historical airport since WWI located about 8 miles north of Vicenza city, is dedicated in memory of famous valiant and brave pilot "Arturo Ferrarin" (1920 Roma-Tokyo raid whit Regia Aeronautica S.V.A.9). Good starting for mountain adventures, Thiene is also a paradise place for aerobatic session gliders and skydiving enthusiasts. Scenery by Vic Dabor, beta testing and final supervision by Bruno "BUNGEE". Soft landing http://vicdabor.blogfree.net/
Posted Sep 16, 2012 14:02 by Vic_Dabor_Dario_Bortot
0.04Mb (362 downloads)
A2A Airport is a custom airport, set near a lake in Manchester Vermont. The airport was built with the guys at A2A in mind, and the A2A Community to use for flyins, and get togethers..... NOTE. This does not by any means, mean that you cannot fly in in what ever aircraft you like to fly.....
Posted Sep 12, 2012 21:13 by Craig Teague
Nassau Bahamas Landmarks 2
Nassau Bahamas Landmarks 2
3.24Mb (2045 downloads)
This is part 2 of the upgrade to Nassau Bahamas adding a few more landmarks to this islands scenery. This series of landmarks include Fort Montagu,Doctors Hospital(where Anna Nicole Smith's baby was born),The Water Tower at Queens Staircase, The Welcome Center for Cruise Ships and The Thomas A. Robinson Sports Complex.
Posted Sep 9, 2012 14:07 by Shawn Penn