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0.38Mb (5889 downloads)
DesCalc Manual DesCalc is a simple calculator that helps you find the distance youneed to descent from your initial altitude to another altitude. As far as I'm concerned DesCalc's calculations will work on every plane with anormal horizontal speed/vertical speed ratio. This manual contains information about the programme and a simple tutorial.
Posted Feb 1, 2009 04:17 by Achilleas Moraitis
SBuilder X 3.10
8.31Mb (5826 downloads)
This is a versatile tool for creating terrain and other features in FSX, such as flats, ground texture, etc. We thank Luis Sa for creating, and the contributors that Luis has acknowledged.
Posted Jan 26, 2009 16:18 by Fern
ArrestorCables 2.6 for FSX/FS9 (updated)
3.14Mb (23892 downloads)
This is freeware. The exclusivity agreement with Abacus expired years ago. Uses FSUIPC for cables, catapult, fuel ops, & battle damage. NEW automatic modes support moving FSX carriers. by Rich Hogen
Posted Dec 17, 2008 21:21 by Rich Hogen
FS2004/FSX Super Flight Planner 4.0.5
26.29Mb (17645 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Super Flight Planner 4.0.5 by Alessandro G. Antonini. This is a very advanced Flight Planner featuring a state of the art Moving Map (drawn using either vector layers or a bitmapped texture, zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom-window, pan, rotation and globe projections), DP-STAR and Airways support plus a lot of import/export options (can import and export from a lot of 3rd party tools such as Radar Contact, MS-GPS and supports data formats such as XML and CSV). May create simple Flight Plans using a Wizard or more advanced manual Plans with or without autorouting. Awesome GPS display through FSUIPC.
Posted Nov 24, 2008 04:34 by Alessandro G. Antonini
1.03Mb (2796 downloads)
Version 2.6.8. Choose Aircraft. Enter Departure ICAO and Destination ICAO. You get information about ETE, MAX TAS, FUEL you need and Distance between DEP and DEST. FIXED *Database Connection, *Fuel Flow DC 3, *Fuel Flow A 321-200. Added: * MC Donald Douglas MD 11, * Airbus A 320
Posted Nov 15, 2008 08:24 by Nerenye
FS Real Time v1.88 FSX-FS98
8.71Mb (6063 downloads)
FS98 - FSX FS Real Time v1.88 is made to keep Flight Simulator's UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date in sync with the Real World. It can maintain either the current Real Time, or an offset (+/-) so you can fly at any variation from Real Time. This package also includes a new set of World Time Zones scenery files which eliminate many of the time zone errors that shipped with recent versions of Flight Simulator. FS Real Time by Joshua Robertson.
Posted Nov 15, 2008 03:35 by Joshua Robertson
0.90Mb (5044 downloads)
FSX AIRound v2.0. This utility enables forward (VC-like), fly by, spot and top-down views of other players' aircraft and AI-controlled airplanes, ground vehicles and boats. There are three special view modes for AI aircraft landings and take-offs. Continuous AI aircraft following all the way to its destination is available. There are lots of parameters of participating airplanes, assistance in formation flying, etc. For more utility features see its ReadMe.txt file. There are 4 FSX sessions for free. By Valery Stenin.
Posted Jul 17, 2008 06:52 by archive
0.03Mb (2561 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Freeze Time Utility. This is a utility to freeze time within FS2004 and FSX. It's useful if you want to fly at sunset or dusk without the sun rising or setting so you can enjoy the scenery. By Graham Pollitt.
Posted Jul 17, 2008 06:40 by archive
Flight Simulator Water Configurator v3.15
3.32Mb (15684 downloads)
This incredible freeware shader control utility will allow you to change the FSX water shader tone and reflections in real time without rebooting the simulator. The utility comes with predefined profiles for FSX and Acceleration Missions along with favorite profiles of the development team. The utility allows a user to modify or create their own personal variation of water light/tone/reflection settings and save them for use or to share. This freeware utility has a 'soon to come', currently under development, restricted use freeware SDK for all developers to refer to in creating their own freeware weather connection plug-in for real time changes to FSX water rendering response. This version corrects a installer issue from v3.0 and includes a patch for those who may still be using the original release and need the patch support to upgrade with ease. From Ashton Lawson, Paul Wheeler and Nick Needham
Posted Jul 8, 2008 13:26 by archive
Airport Design Editor Version 1.35
2.57Mb (15181 downloads)
This version is part of our contining developement and improvement program. In addition to fixing several bugs Version 1.35 introduces new functionality including Helper Shapes that make the drawing of regular elements easier. Indeed any shape can be turned into an Apron with a single mouse click. Users can include their own Models (mdl files) in an ADE project and either compile everything to a single bgl file or split the airport and scenery elements into separate files. The color, brightness and separation of Apron Edge Lights is now user controlled; chains of Taxiway Links can easily be straightened and Taxiway Junctions are drawn more realistically. Note that you must have at least version 1.20 installed to use this update package.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jul 6, 2008 12:05 by archive