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FSX/P3D Junkers 52 Tri Package
FSX/P3D Junkers 52 Tri Package
48.11Mb (1375 downloads)
Three new liverys in this Junkers 52 Tri Package by O.Fischer. Model conversion by Bulbbulb2. Oversight and cfg editing by InDeepSchit. All repaints by Stephen Browning
Posted Jan 27, 2021 13:45 by Stephen Browning
FSX/P3D Junkers Ju 52/3M (native) UPDATE
FSX/P3D Junkers Ju 52/3M (native) UPDATE
9.01Mb (884 downloads)
This is an update for the FSX/P3D native Junkers Ju 52/3M (O.Ficsher) that includes a pair of Ju-Air (Rimowa) repaints by Peter Lorimer and a model fix by SOH user vonstroheim that eliminates prop disk shadows in FSX.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 23, 2021 02:15 by InDeepSchit
FSX/P3D Junkers Ju 52/3M (native)
61.93Mb (1726 downloads)
FSX native version of the freeware Junkers Ju 52/3M by O.Fischer. Tested in P3Dv4.5 but should work in v5 and FSX. Included alongside the base civilian textures are a pair of Luftwaffe repaints by Hanaw Hax. Model conversion by Bulbbulb2. Oversight and cfg editing by InDeepSchit.
Posted Jan 20, 2021 02:05 by InDeepSchit & Bulbbulb2
FSX/P3D v3,v4,v5 P-51H Mustang ANG
FSX/P3D v3,v4,v5 P-51H Mustang ANG
21.56Mb (1472 downloads)
FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 P-51H Mustang ANG The ultimate version of the Mustang was the P-51H, which was the fastest Mustang variant to see service and one of the fastest (if not the fastest) piston-engined fighters to enter production during the Second World War. However, it was destined never to see any combat, having entered service too late to participate in the final action against Japan. FSX/P3D mdls by A.F.Scrub
Posted Jan 17, 2021 06:17 by A.F.Scrub
Yak-11 Moose for FSX-P3D
Yak-11 Moose for FSX-P3D
15.33Mb (1204 downloads)
The Yak-11 design was based in large part on the successful Yak-3 fighter, and became the Soviet Air Force's most widely used trainer aircraft. From 1953, an additional 707 were licence-built by Let in Czechoslovakia under the name C-11 (LET C-11 in some documentation). Both Yak-11 and C-11 were used in all Warsaw Pact countries and were exported to eighteen countries. With it's fighter pedigree and trainer ease of operation, the MOOSE has become a popular warbird and race aircraft. 2021 FSX native update of Pavel Karásek's 2011 FS9 MOOSE. Great frames, super model, fine front and rear VC and a flight model that allows for a full aerobatic card, including spins and the dread lomcevak. Paints by Pavel, Jozef Košík, and Y.T.
Posted Jan 7, 2021 02:06 by Lorenzo Zoil
NAV-Radios FIX Antonov An-2T
NAV-Radios FIX Antonov An-2T
0.01Mb (773 downloads)
Navigation / Radios fix for the Antonov An-2T from Tim Conrad as provided by Lavernti Beria.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 5, 2021 03:40 by Flanker256
FSX/P3D Sikorsky VS-44 Flying Boat
29.70Mb (1151 downloads)
FSX Sikorsky VS-44 Flying Boat. Model of VS-44 NC-41881 "Excambian" restored at New England Air Museum. Model created in 3ds Max for FSX. A flying boat, not an amphibian. Can be flown from land unrealistically using beaching gear. VC includes complete model, with multiple camera views. VS-44 was built in 1942 for American Export Airlines. Contracted for trans-Atlantic service by US Navy and Army through 1944. Returned to civilian service 1945. Two liveries: 1942 Navy camouflage and 1945 AEA civilian colors, as displayed at Museum. By George Diemer.
Posted Jan 1, 2021 11:19 by George Diemer
Fokker T.5 V1.0 package
181.98Mb (1288 downloads)
The Fokker T.5 was a Dutch medium bomber that served during the late 1930's and into the war. Only sixteen have ever been built, none of which remains to this day. The crews fought an unequal yet brave battle against an overwhelming reality. This package includes a fully animated model, fully working complete nose-to-tail interior, authentic flight dynamics, sophisticated systems depth, high-resolution textures and a marvelous soundset. Every aspect of this plane has been modeled in fine and accurate detail, no item has been overlooked. A dedicated manual which describes history and operations is included.
Posted Dec 25, 2020 14:30 by Dutcheeseblend
FSX P-51 Aces: Don Gentile
FSX P-51 Aces: Don Gentile
7.22Mb (572 downloads)
Dominic "Don" Gentile's P-51D 'Shangri-La' which he flew on WWII War Bond tours in the USA after serving numerous combat tours in Europe. Two paint versions, with red stripes and D-Day stripes. Original model by Roger Dial, Steve Small & Mike Hambly. Uses A.F. Scrub's Cavalier Mustang panel. Textures repainted and converted for FSX by R.E. Wyman.
Posted Dec 24, 2020 15:05 by R.E. Wyman
Antonov An-2 COLT for FSX/P3D
37.62Mb (2715 downloads)
First appearing in 1947, the AN-2's was first dismissed as obsolete, due to it's biplane layout and homely looks. But the "Annushka" would prove the naysayers wrong.... and how! The biplane layout proved itself, and there wasn't much the AN-2 couldn't do, whether as a passenger, cargo, parachuting, crop spraying, or spec ops plane. Over 20,000 were produced, mostly in Poland. Not bad for an "obsolete" design! FSX native update of Tim Conrad's An-2, and assortment of Cold war WARPAC textures by 'Stalin'. Spaseba, Gentlemen.
Posted Dec 24, 2020 12:44 by Lavernti Beria