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FSX Canadian MkX Lancaster - UK Tour Update
14.56Mb (793 downloads)
This update corrects the flight dynamics by pumping up the Lancasters tyres, provides the correct flight plan to match the image in the original upload. A sampler clip from the HD video upload to Youtube is also provided. Corrections and video by Ross McLennan. Youtube URL is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTbKgAMWGuk
Posted Aug 19, 2014 21:45 by Ross McLennan
Nakajima L2D Tabby
Nakajima L2D Tabby
27.60Mb (801 downloads)
Nakajima L2D "Tabby", a Japanese license-built version of the famous DC-3, converted from CFS2 to FSX, with acceptable 2D & VC (all gauges included). Four (4) liveries, camera views added. All credits go to the B-24Guy for his update(s), to Talos for his great skins and to Lawdog for his great sounds. I also added Rynaldo Stoltz cargo-drop effects for fun. Enjoy!
Posted Aug 12, 2014 17:32 by erik hertzberger
Nakajima B5N2 type 97 (Kate)
Nakajima B5N2 type 97 (Kate)
22.64Mb (1535 downloads)
Nakajima B5N2 type 97 (Kate), great CFS2-model from THICKO, now updated for FSX Acceleration. Nice 2D- & VC-panel with working gauges (all included). Gears fold, rear gunner comes in & out (/), wings fold, arrestor hook lowers and front&rear guneffects for fun. Eight (8) liveries, great sound and minipanel with Japanese gauges. Enjoy!
Posted Aug 11, 2014 17:02 by erik hertzberger
FS2004/FSX Blohm & Voss Mail-Carrier Floatplane
FS2004/FSX Blohm & Voss Mail-Carrier Floatplane
8.45Mb (888 downloads)
FS2004 Blohm & Voss Ha-139 V1 & V2 floatplane from 1937. This was a German catapult launched mail-carrier plane, equipped with four Diesel Engines. Only three planes was buildt: V1 "Nordwind", V2 "Nordmeer" and V3"Nordstern". The planes was used to shorten the time for transatlantic cross overs. Therefore they was carried on a tender vessel and when within proper range (max. 5000 km) they was catapulted for take offs. This addon comes with two paints for "Nordwind" and "Nordmeer". Optional a 2D-panel with lookaround views can be used in FS9 or a static VC for FS)&FSX. A very special animation is included: A supply boat is approaching and stopping at the float. This is my very first 3D-simulation model, made with FSDS 3.5. This is a whole airplane, made by Erwin Welker
Posted Aug 11, 2014 10:07 by Erwin Welker
De Havilland Sea Meteor prototype
De Havilland Sea Meteor prototype
20.50Mb (1328 downloads)
De Havilland Sea Meteor prototype, another nice CFS2-model now updated for FSX Acceleration. Acceptable 2D- & VC-panel with working gauges (all included) and some extras. Arrestor hook lowers, nice exhaust flames and gun effects for fun. Good sound. Enjoy!
Posted Aug 10, 2014 03:49 by erik hertzberger
Curtiss Jenny JN4D Textures
Curtiss Jenny JN4D Textures
1.16Mb (185 downloads)
Simulator: FS2004 and FSX Aircraft: Curtiss Jenny JN4D Manufacturer Default FS2004 Micosoft aircraft Livery: DLV - D-2832 - 'Deutscher Luftsportverband' or DLV Representing: HQ Berlin, Germany. - All Black but with Hitler Youth flag on rudder. Five years as German Sport Flying Club trainer. German Sports Youth group. This is one of the 50 NEW Curtiss Jenny texture set now available for free at the Ford-Tri-Motor Project site. Accessable via the "Other Aircraft" button on the web site. http://www.ford-tri-motor.net The site also has a copy of the open source Microsoft Default aircraft + a 3 texture pack for Both FS2004 and FSX Also 2 different Paint Kits available for those that want to experiment with their own repaints. And of course 47 other FREE repaints for your entertainment.

Tri-Motor Project (external link -- report if broken)

Posted Aug 8, 2014 07:57 by Garry J. Smith and Edward C. Moore
FSX Canadian MkX Lancaster - UK Tour
FSX Canadian MkX Lancaster - UK Tour
32.60Mb (2708 downloads)
This is the Plane-Design fs9 MkX Lancaster converted and modified for use in FSX. It is a fully flyable aircraft with similar performance to the Dambuster series DB70 and DB71 Lancasters. It is fitted with a bombaimer view, 2D and VC panels with Canadian gauges but has no bombsight to drop bombs accurately. The readme gives details of the differences from the real aircraft. Images and flight plans are contained in folders within the aircraft folder. We all know the Canadian Lancaster Tour of the UK will be a resounding success and perhaps this sim aircraft will give simmers a chance to visit similar airfields and shows as the real one during its tour. This aircraft WILL NOT WORK in P3D. The package represents Lancaster serial number FM213 painted as KB726, VR-A, of 419 Sqd (RCAF) out of Middleton St George and is called the "Mynarski Memorial" Lancaster. Package by Ross McLennan.
Posted Aug 7, 2014 07:35 by Ross McLennan
FSX Fiat BR20 BIS updated
FSX Fiat BR20 BIS updated
10.28Mb (2002 downloads)
The Fiat BR20 BIS was a WWII Italian bomber prototype, but only 15 were built. The package features FSX compatible gauges for the VC and the 2D panel as well as new smoke effects. I also remedied the transparency problem of the VC. The original model was made by Franzesco Giuli, new panel configuration by Michael Pook.
Posted Aug 7, 2014 05:50 by Michael Pook
De Havilland Sea Vampire prototype
De Havilland Sea Vampire prototype
22.16Mb (1298 downloads)
De Havilland Sea Vampire prototype, a nice CFS2-model now updated for FSX Acceleration. Acceptable 2D- & VC-panel with working gauges (all included) and some extra's (HUD & radar). Arrestor hook lowers, nice plume of smoke and guneffects for fun. Great sound. Enjoy!
Posted Aug 2, 2014 12:43 by erik hertzberger
FSX C-47 Linee Aeree Italiane Late Livery
5.57Mb (340 downloads)
This aircraft (I-LONA) was used from 1947 until 1957 by "L.A.I."(Linee Aeree Italiane).This textures set in "L.A.I."(Late)livery requires the beautyful C-47 (V2) package by Manfred Jahn and team (Douglas_c-47_v2.zip). Installation instructions are included. By Manuele Villa,July 2014.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jul 31, 2014 02:21 by Manuele Villa