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FSX Airbus A321 Austrian Airlines texture
1.98Mb (6173 downloads)
FSX Airbus A321 Austrian Airlines textures for the default A321. Created by RSvit
Posted Jul 14, 2009 11:21 by RSvit
Airbus A300B4-600R for FSX
40.42Mb (9939 downloads)
This is the UKFlightsim Airbus A300B4-600R for FSX. This package contains 1 model and 3 Texture Sets. Created and with textures by Tom Ruth and Jon Reeves, panel by Dave Hazelgrove and sounds by Emil Serafino Jr. No VC.
Posted Jul 13, 2009 18:35 by Jon Reeves
Boeing 737-800 texture fix
Boeing 737-800 texture fix
19.90Mb (14602 downloads)
These files will fix default FSX textures for this aircraft that appear blurred. They are replacements for the default texures of this aircraft. Original aircraft by Microsoft. By Andrew McGowin
Posted Jul 12, 2009 17:27 by Andrew McGowin
FSX TAROM Texture for the Boeing 737-800
9.01Mb (2697 downloads)
This is another repaint for the FSX Default 737. This package contains the new livery for TAROM. Splash screen included. By Victor Vu.
Posted Jul 11, 2009 20:13 by Victor Vu
FSX Dragonair Texture for the Airbus A321
5.96Mb (3025 downloads)
This is another repaint for the FSX Default A321. This repaint was one of the downloader's requests. The Dragonair fleet currently has six A321s in service. Splash screen included. By Victor Vu.
Posted Jul 11, 2009 20:11 by Victor Vu
Boeing 737-800 Jetairfly textures
3.18Mb (6672 downloads)
Textures only for the default Boeing 737-800. Jetairfly is an airline based in Belgium. It operates scheduled and charter passenger flights. Formerly known as TUI Airlines Belgium, it adopted its new name in November 2005.
Posted Jul 10, 2009 11:04 by RSvit
FSX Boeing 747-400 British Airways Oneworld Textures & Traffic
2.73Mb (13114 downloads)
FSX Boeing 747-400 British Airways "Oneworld" Textures. Registration: G-CIVI. Textures only for the default FSX B747-400. Bonus: British Airways B747-400 Traffic package included. Created by Gabor Kovacs
Posted Jul 10, 2009 06:37 by Gabor Kovacs
Douglas DC-9-20
Douglas DC-9-20
19.55Mb (10717 downloads)
Douglas DC-9-50. HJG DC-9-20 updated for FSX. 3 Repaints, Real Sound, uses the default 737-800 2D Panel, no VC. Model by HJG.
Posted Jul 7, 2009 15:41 by Marc Peter
Royal Jordanian MD-81 With Virtual Cockpit and custom sound
Royal Jordanian MD-81 With Virtual Cockpit and custom sound
61.26Mb (16125 downloads)
This is a repaint (Full Package + sound) of Mitsushi Yutaka and Warrens C.' Awsome MD-81 with Virtual Cockpit in the colors of Royal Jordanian Airlines, aircraft name is (Petra). Royal Jordanian dont have any Md-80's but i thought it would be a nice aircraft in the fleet to use out of Queen Alia or Marka with some regional airports such as Ben gurion, Baghdad, Aqaba, Sharm El shiek as well as Beirut, Cairo and Istanbul. The aircraft includes the ONEWORLD insigna. I have also created an awsome custom sound based on the original sound of Mr.Mike Maarse (A32x series CFM56-5) which I have redesigned and modified to fit the MD-81 with Mr.Maarse approvel via electronic email This file is also fitted with the awsome A2A/Shockwave - 3D Lights Redux for which i have placed accuratly on the nose gear as well as various wing veiws and the ground handling gauge if u have it. Speed restrictions have been removed from both aircraft CFG file as well as sound CFG so this bird can hit 700 KTS Enjoy.
Posted Jul 7, 2009 06:08 by Ali Zied Amman Jordan
FS2004 / FSX  Concorde Collection Update.
2.13Mb (17918 downloads)
FS2004 / FSX Concorde Update. This file contains new model and aircraft configuration (conctact points for FS9 AND FSX) for Concorde. Requires CONCALL.zip. By Libardo Guzman. The new mdl. file provides fixed mapping for those textures covering all the fuselage surface. Mr. ROBERT BROOKS, an expert on concorde and Concorde division at British Airways, helped me to show real lighting for Concorde. Many thanks to him.
FSX version:
Posted Jul 6, 2009 04:52 by Libardo Guzman