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FSX(SP2) Acceleration Lockheed RT-33A "T-Bird" Package
5.22Mb (1893 downloads)
A variant of Lockheed's T-33A, RT-33A (MM53-5594/9-35) is one of 14th units delivered in conjunction with the 60 items version of the T-33A Italian Air Force and is now displayed in the museum of history of military aviation in Vigna di Valle (Bracciano, Rome) on Lake Bracciano ( Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militare di Vigna di Valle ). This paint scheme was used for towing targets aircrafts for training the 609th Squadron, 9th wings Grazzanise (609 Squadriglia Collegamenti del 9 Stormo "Francesco Baracca" di Grazzanise). Includes VC.
Posted Feb 1, 2011 13:05 by Massimo Taccoli
Republic F-105D Thunderchief Package Redux
Republic F-105D Thunderchief Package Redux
7.25Mb (5318 downloads)
FSX Republic F-105D Thunderchief Package Redux. Ex Alphasim payware released as freeware for FS2004. Adapted for FSX by Danny Garnier. The Mach 2 'Thud' first flew in 1955 and was intended as a tactical nuclear bomber. It excelled however in the all-weather strike role during the Vietnam conflict, where the type was used intensively to protect the bombers from the SAM threat. The F-105D was the standard single-seat model used by the USAF in many varied strike roles through out its service. The 354TFS\/355TFW were based at Takhli RTAB (Thailand) from early on in the Vietnam War. Original model by Alphasim. Modified by Danny Garnier.
Posted Feb 1, 2011 08:40 by GARNIER D
Blue Angels A-4 Skyhawk
26.40Mb (5147 downloads)
Blue Angels A-4 Skyhawk 1980's Blue Angels Team livery. Adapted from a FS2004 model by Kanazouri Ito. No VC
Posted Jan 26, 2011 18:20 by Brody Carlson
F-5 Tiger III Fach Textures
4.25Mb (1330 downloads)
F-5 Tiger Fach Chilean Air Force textures only for the freeware Iris F5.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 24, 2011 13:54 by Boanerge
UKMIL Tornado Package - Shared Files Base Package
UKMIL Tornado Package - Shared Files Base Package
37.63Mb (20189 downloads)
UKMIL Tornado Package - Shared Files Base Package. This pack contains the SHARED files. You will also need one of the aircraft packs below to use this aircraft.This aircraft has many features which will be explained in the live online manual. The VC is functional and accurate. We have also included a 2D panel for those that still fly that way. One unique feature is the Loadout system, which is completly customisable. The pack comes with many of the special paint schemes for both the GR4 and GR1 aswell as some special IDS schemes. Many others will be release later. It currently comes with a front seat VC - and the rear seat is being constructed and will be available as a club member download later.
Posted Jan 24, 2011 08:30 by UKMIL
UKMIL Tornado IDS Expansion
UKMIL Tornado IDS Expansion
11.28Mb (4155 downloads)
UKMIL Tornado IDS German version of the UKMIL Tornado for FSX. You need the Shared files base pack to use this file. Please donate to Help for Heroes if you download this
Posted Jan 24, 2011 07:39 by UKMIL
UKMIL Tornado GR4 Expansion
UKMIL Tornado GR4 Expansion
22.42Mb (3945 downloads)
GR4 package for the UK Mil Tornado for FsX. You need the Shared files base pack to use this file. Please dontate to help for heroes
Posted Jan 24, 2011 07:33 by UKMIL
UKMIL Tornado GR1 Expansion
UKMIL Tornado GR1 Expansion
24.42Mb (3260 downloads)
Tornado GR1 expansion pack for the FSX UK Mil Tornado package. You need the Shared files base pack to use this file. Please donate to Help for Heroes, as detailed in the pack
Posted Jan 24, 2011 07:14 by UKMIL
FSX sp2-Accelerator Lockheed T-33A T-Bird Package
FSX sp2-Accelerator Lockheed T-33A T-Bird Package
6.13Mb (5535 downloads)
A variant of Lockheed's F80 "Shooting Star" the T-33A have been the most widely used tandem two-seat advanced trainer in the world. It has been supplied to the air arms of some twenty-five countries, and built under licence in Japan by Kawasaki, (210 machines) and in Canada by Canadair as the CL-30 Silver Star (T-33AN), (656 examples). The parent company had manufactured a total of 5,691 T-33A and T-33B trainers when the last was delivered in August 1959, the latter being a version for the U.S. Navy.The prototype flew for the first time on March 22, 1948. Full package includes: Aircraft,Textures and panel: Massimo Taccoli FD files : by Dennis Seeley Gauges : Dennis Seeley & Massimo Taccoli
Posted Jan 18, 2011 10:02 by Massimo Taccoli
Iris Tornado GR4 Reworked Package
Iris Tornado GR4 Reworked Package
83.89Mb (14536 downloads)
Pre-Released as freeware by Iris. Re-Uploaded for those who don't have the fixes for the foggy VC Glass. I have inverted Alpha Channeling, added rearseat, overshoulder VC views and port intake external view. Panel conversions by Danny Garnier. Other mods by 'Hotzoner'
Posted Jan 17, 2011 15:27 by HOTZONER