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Sukhoi Su-9B Su-11 FISHPOT FSX/P3D
Sukhoi Su-9B Su-11 FISHPOT FSX/P3D
74.82Mb (1085 downloads)
Sukhoi's Su-9B and Su-11 FISHPOT were large, single engine all weather interceptors that served with the IA-PVO Strany from 1959 to the mid eighties. These are new and old FS9 models updated to FSX standard materials and tags. Su-9B(DS) by By Drstalker80, systems by Alex Belov. Conversion to FSX with gracious permission of the author. Su-9B(BH), Su-11(BH), and R8M AAM by Brett Hoskins. FSX native conversions, features, scut work by Y.T. NOTE: You must have the (enclosed)DRSTALKER80 Su-9B FISHPOT for FSX installed for this to work. There are a number of dependencies for textures, panel, sounds aliased back to the Su-9B(DS).
Posted Dec 20, 2020 02:56 by Aardvark Ratnik
FSX/P3D Shin-Meiwa US-2A amphibian preview
FSX/P3D Shin-Meiwa US-2A amphibian preview
20.49Mb (1275 downloads)
We all know and love Mr. KBT. He is working on a Shin-Meiwa US-2A amphibian, but it's not quite ready yet. These things take time. Mr. KBT has, however, made a sneak peek avaliable. It is an AI version, for water only, so the gear is not modeled, and things are simplified. It looks great, the flight controls are there, and the main door opens. So, for a boat enthusiast, it wets the whistle. The KBT US-2 page is here: https://viperhiro.wordpress.com/category/shinmaywa/ The external AI model may be down loaded here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F_E9a62J-nZTxvIawTOdBY2xMxENUUBM These files are for a temporary merge of the KBT P-3 VC, and the config file set up with L'Azur seaplane performance mod. It also works fine as an AI model, retaining the more realistic water performance. This also pemits realistic scooping for fire bombing, curved take-off and landings, and general wet fun.
Posted Dec 5, 2020 03:39 by Goto Dengo
Boulton Paul P.111A for FSX
Boulton Paul P.111A for FSX
23.01Mb (501 downloads)
Boulton Paul P.111A for FSX. Boulton Paul P.111A 'Yellow Peril' British experiimental high speed tailless delta-wing research and test aircraft. Modified from the P.111 after an earlier landing accident, the P.111A first flight was on 2nd July 1953 and the last flight was on 20th june 1958. It reached Mach 0.93 at 35,000 ft and Mach 0.96 in a shallow dive. Boulton Paul Chief Test Pilot A.E. 'Ben' Gunn described the P.111 as 'touchy' and 'like flying a razor's edge'. Also, when the undercarriage was raised or lowered there was a large trim change of 4 degrees or more and the landing speeds were high. Tyler Gladman
Posted Dec 4, 2020 02:47 by Tyler Gladman
FSX Bristol Type 188
FSX Bristol Type 188
50.43Mb (712 downloads)
Bristol Type 188, the 'Flaming Pencil' was a British highspeed research aircraft. Designed to meet operational requirement ER.134T for a testbed capable of speeds greater than Mach 2. Due to the anticipated effects of kinetic heating at high Mach numbers, the fuselage was constructed of stainless steel. Two aircraft were built, XF923 and XF926. First flight of XF923 was on 14th April 1962 and then XF926 with upgraded Gyron Junior engines on 29th April 1963. Ironically, the Maximum speed achieved was Mach 1.88 at 36,000 ft. Although the top speed of the Type 188 was disappointing, the airframe advanced understanding and knowledge of structures, oils, electrics, hydraulic fluid, bearings, tires, windows and cabin environment at high temperatures as well as telemetry which was used during the development of Concorde. Last flight was 11th January 1964. One Bristol Type 188 remains at the RAF Museum, Cosford. FSX SE SDK native design with custom 3D gauges and cockpit. By Tyler Gladman.
Posted Dec 3, 2020 21:26 by Tyler Gladman
Boulton Paul P.120 for FSX
Boulton Paul P.120 for FSX
23.08Mb (443 downloads)
Boulton Paul P.120 for FSX. "Boulton Paul P.120 'the Black Widow Maker' British experimental highspeed delta-wing research and test aircraft. An advanced version of the previous P.111. The P.120 first flight was on 6th August 1952 and the last flight was on 29th August 1952 which resulted in the loss of the aircraft. The redesigned tail added extra weight to the P.120 and made it slightly sluggish compared to the lighter P.111. As test pilot A.E. 'Ben' Gunn found on his first flight, positive trimming of the delta tailplane is required to reduce the take-off run! Tyler Gladman
Posted Dec 3, 2020 02:21 by Tyler Gladman
FSX/P3D Yak-28I Brewer C
FSX/P3D Yak-28I Brewer C
25.70Mb (1061 downloads)
The Yakovlev Yak-28 is a swept wing, turbojet-powered combat aircraft used by the Soviet Union. Produced initially as a tactical bomber, it was also manufactured in reconnaissance, electronic warfare, interceptor, and trainer versions. BREWER A and BREWER B used a TACAN-type ground controlled bombing system. Model represents the Yak-28I BREWER C, fitted with the internal 'Initsiativa-2' Bomb-nav system, distinguishable by the ventral mapping radar. FSX materials and animations,decent VC mostly clickable, see readme for details. By Jan Moravec
Posted Nov 29, 2020 03:57 by Xenu R6 Thetan
24.22Mb (843 downloads)
Ye-2 modified for RD-11 turbojet. Six built. Identical to Ye-5 except for wings: Ye-2A had swept wings. Fitted with RSIU-4V radio, ARK-5 ADF with RUP module, MRP-48P marker beacon receiver, Bariy-M IFF transponder, Sirena-2 RWR, SRD-1M Radal'-M radar rangefinder with ASP-5N-V3 computing gunsight. By Josef Čepek
Posted Nov 26, 2020 00:47 by Diogenes
FSX/P3D MiG I-3U      (Uragan)
FSX/P3D MiG I-3U      (Uragan)
18.57Mb (761 downloads)
MiG-I3U by Josef Cepek for FSX, should go in P3D all versions. The I-3U was modified from the unfinished I-3; the fuselage was stretched, the nose redesigned to accommodate the Uragan-1 fire control system above the inlet and an Almaz search radar with a search/track range of 17 km was fitted in the cone centered in the inlet. Armament consisted of two 30 mm Nudelman-Richter NR-30 cannon with symmetrical auto ranging connected to the radar. In addition to the fire control system, Mikoyan-Gurevich also used, for the first time, titanium alloys in the rear fuselage where high temperatures were expected. The conversion from I-3 to I-3U was completed in 1956. Flight testing took place on an irregular basis in 1956–1958 due to engine flaws and frequent modifications. A total of 34 test flights were carried out, with design bureau test pilot Georgiy Mossolov reaching a speed of 1960 km/h at attitude on one flight. The program was cancelled on June 17, 1958.
Posted Nov 26, 2020 00:41 by Diogenes
FSX/P3D Dassault Falcon 20 ECM Grupo 47 Spanish Air Force Textures
4.62Mb (407 downloads)
This is th only Dassault Falcon 20 that is operative in the Spanish Air force (Ejercito el Aire) on the 47th ECM/AAR squadron. This plane is used for elecronic warfare and elite missions. This aircraft is based in Torrejon AFB, Madrid. Original model by Rotorcraft. Textures by Alex.
Required files:
required file
Posted Nov 21, 2020 10:11 by Alex M. D.
FSX/P3D de Havilland Canada DHC-7 United States Army pac
86.30Mb (1313 downloads)
FSX/P3D de Havilland Canada DHC-7 United States Army pack. The United States Army uses the DHC-7 as a surveillance aircraft. Model by Milton Shupe, Mike Kelly, George Arana and Sim-Outhouse. FSX native conversion by Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations. Thanks to Matt Ervin for the great textures. Textured and tested in P3Dv5 by Chris Evans. Should work in FSX and all previous P3D versions.
Posted Nov 11, 2020 11:26 by chris evans