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Vertigo Studios bm_rf_F6F_VF40 Textures
Vertigo Studios bm_rf_F6F_VF40 Textures
11.00Mb (321 downloads)
This package contains 7 repaints for the Real Flight (Vertigo Studios) F6F Hellcat, they represent aircraft Nos 1 through 7 of VF40, stationed at Barakoma, to complement the Barakoma Scenery by Jim Dhaenens and
Posted Jun 16, 2010 15:32 by Bruce Martin
Vertigo Studios bm_RF_F6F_Moseley Textures
2.36Mb (302 downloads)
This is an FSX only repaint for the Real Flight (Vertigo Studios) F6F Hellcat in the markings of Lt William C Moseley, VF-1, USS Yorktown, June 1944, Lt Moseley had 5 comfirmed kills and 2 possibles. He was Killed the following month on Independance Day.
Posted Jun 16, 2010 14:15 by Bruce Martin
Vertigo P36 Texures Pack 02
Vertigo P36 Texures Pack 02
25.74Mb (484 downloads)
This pack contains 9 separate zip files, that contain individual repaints for the payware Vertigo Studios P-36 Hawk. American Schemes:- Curtiss-Wright Hawk H-75B, Prototype, serial X17Y, Wright Field. c.1937, USAAC 23rdCG, USAAC No69, 27th PS, 1st PG,c.1939, Cleveland Air Races, USAAC No. 17 and 27th Pursuit Sqn, 20th Pursuit Group, Albrook Field, Panama Canal Zone, c.1940. French Schemes:- No85, X8 84, 2nd Esc. GC I/4, Pilot Sgt Chef Joannes Cummel, Reims, c.June 1940, No. 88, 2nd Escadrille GC1/5, Pilot Lt Camille Plubeau, Rabat, c.1942, No. 193, 2nd Escadrille GC1/5, Pilot Cne Max VinCotte, Rabat, c.1942 and No217, 1Esc, GC I/5, Lt. E. Marin la Meslée, Battle of France c.1940. Finnish Scheme:- 'Yellow 7',CUw-557, HLeLV 32, Finnish AF, c.1941.
Posted Jun 6, 2010 10:53 by Bruce Martin
France VFR Fort Cigogne
0.21Mb (610 downloads)
Fort Cigogne of Glenans as complement of France VFR FSX This scene has been designed as a complement for France VFR FSX Britany. It adds the fort cigogne to the glenans archilapago. Just copy and paste the scenery and texture folders the usual way, then declare the scene. It should have a higher Priority than France VFR FSX Britany. All the elements were developped in the "instant scenery" library framework, so you can modify the scena as you wish. For feedback use the france vfr forum (english tab) and contact me ( alias Etien ) Etien / Argharg
Posted May 29, 2010 07:02 by Etienne V
Vertigo bm_vs_P36_PT21 Textures
5.02Mb (182 downloads)
This is a repaint of the Vertigo Studios Curtiss-Wright P-36 representing a P-36A PT21, 79th Pursuit Sqn, 20th Pursuit Group, Moffett Field c.1939.
Posted May 28, 2010 09:52 by Bruce Martin
Vertigo bm vs P36 Netherlands Textures
5.05Mb (168 downloads)
This is a repaint of the Vertigo Studios Curtiss-Wright P-36 representing a Netherlands, Unknown Unit, Serial C-328 of Andir Airbase, Java, May 1940.
Posted May 28, 2010 09:51 by Bruce Martin
Vertigo bm_vs_P36_HQ15thPG Textures
4.98Mb (117 downloads)
This is a repaint of the Vertigo Studios Curtiss-Wright P-36 representing a P-36A "1 36P", HQ 15th Pursuit Group, Wheeler Field, Hawaii, c.1940.
Posted May 28, 2010 09:50 by Bruce Martin
Vertogo bm_vs_P36_Co20thPG Textures
4.86Mb (134 downloads)
This is a repaint of the Vertigo Studios Curtiss-Wright P-36 representing the P-36A of the 20th Pursuit Groups CO, Baksdale Field, c.1938.
Posted May 28, 2010 09:49 by Bruce Martin
Virtuavia F-111  PIG  HUD  PROJECT
Virtuavia F-111  PIG  HUD  PROJECT
34.15Mb (12704 downloads)
FSX payware Alphasim/Virtuavia F-111 Aardvark HUD. Navigation/Situation awareness cockpit. REVISION 5.UPGRADE. COMPLETE PACKAGE. New items-Fantastic FLARES 4 options, missiles, RADAR better panel integration, 2 instruments,sound, improved texture. Massive amount of digital data. Must have ALPHASIM F-111 Aardvark to build up this complete and separate F-111. Exceptional capability cockpit with massive amount of digital data. Comprising: Pilot, WSO and virtual panels.Dual role air to air ground mapping RADAR with target lock up and script on radar and HUD to enable precise intercepts in all weather day or night. 3 MFD with 19 selectable pages of data. RADAR and 3 GPS type moving maps. 16 Nearest airports page with full Citynames and ICAO entry capable displays in HUD.Clipboard, autopilot, autothrottle and TFR. Enhanced HUD is selectable in all views including 10 camera views. All data clearly readable size. Aircraft carrier capable.Effects: bombs. missiles. flares. dump and burn. exhaust trail.Detailed 48 pge Flight Manual plus docs folder.Configuration ensures crisp and extremely precise controlled flight even down to 10 ft AGL. This panel will set a new benchmark of the amount and type of data provided and its presentation.Possibly the best pilots aircraft ever. New simpler installation procedure . By Karol Chlebowski.
Posted May 28, 2010 06:11 by Karol Chlebowski
CaptainSim 757-200 "Air Force Two"-Textures
CaptainSim 757-200 "Air Force Two"-Textures
3.07Mb (2212 downloads)
Textures only for the payware 757-200 by CaptainSim in the colours of the "Air Force Two". Made by Marius Krämer. (V.1.1)
Posted May 25, 2010 13:29 by Marius Krämer