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Percival K3 Vega Gull
Percival K3 Vega Gull
27.41Mb (388 downloads)
Percival K3 Vega Gull. The next development in the Vega Gull was the series 3 (or K3) model. A redesigned windscreen is the most obvious change as well as the loss of the overhead rear passenger windows. K3's were fitted with CSU operated Gipsy Six II or Gipsy Queen II & VP Props. This model tries to represent C/n 105, one of 8 ordered by the Air Ministry & taken on charge by 24 Sqdn Hendon in April 1939. She survived WWII & was sold to Essex Aero Ltd in 1945 becoming G-AHET. The paint scheme depicted as P5989 is shown here, having been totally re-textured under instruction from Nigel Richards, & with a lot of experimentation by me, to try and acheive a more realistic silver paint finish. (I think it looks better in FSX). Nigel also kindly let me use, as a basis for my male occupants faces, his, as used in his Avro 621 series models. G-AHET passed through various other owners, the most famous being Mike Hawthorn, the racing driver. She seems to have met her fate with Noel Husbands, being badly damaged in a forced landing in May 1960. Keith Paine
Posted Oct 9, 2018 05:17 by uploader
FS2004/FSX/P3D Fokker F-27 Sabena 1970  Textures
FS2004/FSX/P3D Fokker F-27 Sabena 1970  Textures
3.80Mb (223 downloads)
Textures for the Calclassic Fokker F-27 in Sabena classic colors. The freeware CalClassic F-27 by Tom Gibson and Bernward Bockheim is needed for this repaint. It was repainted using Bjoern Kesten's paintkit. Sabena operated 3 F-27s, and 3 Fairchild FH-227Bs. This repaint was tested on FSX-SE. Textures are 32bit. It should work on FS2004,FSX, & P3D v1-3. DXT3 textures are also included for FS2004 users.
Download here (external link - please report if broken)
Posted Sep 12, 2018 23:08 by Ted Giana
Garry Smith Archive files: Curtiss C46 Commando 5 Texture Pack
Garry Smith Archive files: Curtiss C46 Commando 5 Texture Pack
5.51Mb (150 downloads)
Here is a set of five custom repaints, created by Garry Smith for Mike Stone's FS2004_Curtiss_C46_Commando model. EACH new texture folder contains an image of the "Curtiss_C46_Commando" wearing the new airline or air force livery. SHINY textures are included for the THREE liveries: Air Haiti, the BLANK set, and the enhanced USAF livery. These unique repaints are a rare set which used to be hosted at GJSmith.net (now OFFline) and nowhere else.
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 12, 2018 06:29 by Ronald Falzon
Curtiss C-46 TSA
Curtiss C-46 TSA
4.58Mb (173 downloads)
Originally intended as a competitor to the highly successful Douglas DC-3, which was the pre-eminent airliner of the time, the Curtiss CW20 was designed to operate on routes of up to 1000km (540nm), which at the time accounted for 90% of the US domestic airline system. This is a Curtiss C-46 in TransAir colours in an early painting. TransAir was one of the early charter airlines in Sweden. Mike Stone made this aircraft , repainted by Ronny Olofsson. Thank you Garry J Smith for your lovely metal texture
Posted Sep 10, 2018 09:48 by Ronald Falzon
Curtiss C46 Commando
0.86Mb (251 downloads)
The Curtiss C-46 Commando is a transport aircraft derived from the Curtiss CW-20 pressurised high-altitude airliner design. It was used as a military transport during World War II by the U.S.Army Air Forces and also the U.S.Navy/Marine Corps, which used the designation R5C. This aircraft continued in U.S.A.F. service in a secondary role until 1968. The C-46 continues in operation as a rugged cargo transport for Arctic and remote locations with its service life extended into the 21st century. If you search using "c46", you will find additional models and textures, including a special set created by Garry J. Smith.
Posted Sep 7, 2018 02:15 by Ronald Falzon
FSX/FS2004 Fokker 50  Gran Colombia de Aviacion Textures
1.59Mb (384 downloads)
Gran Colombia de Aviacion textures for the Dreamwings Fokker 50
Posted Sep 6, 2018 16:32 by Sebas
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (BASE model)
Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (BASE model)
4.63Mb (393 downloads)
Here is Mike Stone's FS2004 Catalina PBY-5A. The Consolidated PBY Catalina, also known as the "Canso" in Canadian service, is an American flying boat, and later an amphibious aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s produced by Consolidated Aircraft. It was one of the most widely used seaplanes of World War II. Catalinas served with every branch of the United States Armed Forces and in the air forces and navies of many other nations. In 2014, nearly 80 years after its first flight, the aircraft continues to fly as a waterbomber (or airtanker) in aerial firefighting operations all over the world. If you do a search at Simviation, using "catalina", you will discover several new textures for this aircraft.
Posted Sep 5, 2018 06:11 by Ronald Falzon
Canadair CL44
1.19Mb (454 downloads)
Here is Mike Stone's Canadair CL-44. The default airline livery of the model here, depicts "Tradewinds". The first modern aircraft designed specifically for the commercial freightmarket, the CL-44 was an adaption of the Bristol Britannia. If you do a search at Simviation, using "CL-44", you will discover two new textures for this aircraft. Mike Stone created a CL-44 model for FS2002 and another for FS2004. The model you are about to download is the FS2004 Canadair CL-44 by Mike Stone.
Posted Aug 29, 2018 15:01 by Ronald Falzon
Douglas DC-6B Kuwait textures
5.73Mb (142 downloads)
FS9/FSX Kuwait Airways textures for the Tom Gibson/Greg Pepper Douglas DC-6B. Kuwait Airways textures by Gary Harper.
Download here (external link)
Posted Aug 6, 2018 15:32 by Gary Harper
Garry Smith Archive Files: TVA Merlin III
6.08Mb (162 downloads)
Garry Smith Archive Files: Fairchild SA-227AT Merlin3 Originally developed by Swearingen as a fast, twin turbo-prop executive transport, the Merlin was later acquired by Fairchild. Self installing executable file. Developed by Mike Stone and painted by Garry Smith.
Posted Jul 31, 2018 22:40 by Ronald Falzon