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Tokushima Airport, Japan
Tokushima Airport, Japan
0.99Mb (1164 downloads)
FSX Tokushima Airport (RJOS). Tokushima Airport (RJOS) is located near Tokushima City, on the north-east coast of Shikoku Island, Japan. Based on satellite imagery, this scenery enhances the default FSX scenery for RJBB, using standard FSX scenery objects, as well as a few objects from FSX Acceleration. By Ian W.
Posted Aug 28, 2011 04:13 by michael litze
Hiroshima Airport, Japan
0.84Mb (1756 downloads)
FSX Hiroshima Airport (RJOA). Hiroshima Airport (RJOA) is situated in the city of Mihara, 50km east of Hiroshima, Japan. Based on satellite imagery, this scenery enhances the default FSX scenery for RJOA, using standard FSX scenery objects, as well as a few objects from FSX Acceleration. By Ian W.
Posted Aug 28, 2011 04:12 by michael litze
Randall Airport, New York, Scenery Package
Randall Airport, New York, Scenery Package
19.26Mb (1847 downloads)
Randall Airport, Middletown, New York. I have completely rebuilt my Randall Airport. This package now contains photoscenery, SLOPING RUNWAY, and accurately recreated airport scenery with custom buildings. Follow the instructions in the readme.
Posted Aug 26, 2011 13:45 by Scenery Dude
Pigs Down Under, Australian Airbase Scenery
4.27Mb (1113 downloads)
This is a simple upgrade to Australian Airbases Amberly and East Sales. It adds Military Combat and Cargo parking spots, Static F-111G aircraft, AI F-111C, F-111G and EF-111A aircraft and flight plans. Each AI aircraft has its own tail number and is addressed by ATC with that tail number. Installer has option to add AI aircraft only if you already have an add-on scenery package for these airbases.
Posted Aug 26, 2011 10:30 by Steve Hess
1G3 Kent State University Airport, Ohio, Reworked/Photoscenery
12.39Mb (591 downloads)
Kent state University Airport, Stow, Ohio. Includes photoscenery, custon blend masks, real-to-life airport specs, custom trees, and corrected runway placement. This project was built using SBuilderX, Airport Design Editior X, Gimp photo editing tool, Abucus Scenery Shortcut, and the Defualt FSX SDK.
Posted Aug 24, 2011 17:29 by FlierForLife
 Doncourt-les-Conflans, France
7.16Mb (2213 downloads)
Scenery of Doncourt-les-Conflans (France) LFGR airfield a few miles east of Metz. Photoreal ground with seasonal and night variants. Detailed hangars, animated windsock, static planes, nearest village all in 3D, fuel area, cars, trucks, etc. VAC chart and doc included. By D. Bur.
Posted Aug 24, 2011 10:56 by D. Bur
0.02Mb (162 downloads)
Los Confines Airfiiel is a little airfield In Angol, Chile
Posted Aug 22, 2011 18:22 by Jorge Salgado
Christchurch, New Zealand -2011-LOD-14-Photoreal Scenery Package
130.53Mb (1928 downloads)
Areduced resolution fsX version of my port of the Christchurch post-earthquake photoreal data set acquired on 2011.02.24 by NZ Aerial Mapping for the Christchurch Response Centre, available courtesy of Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) this is LOD 14 - 4.8m per pixel original port was LOD 17 - 0.6m per pixel, a 6gb dataset 2011.08.19
Posted Aug 20, 2011 07:41 by Antony Davison
FSX Biore/Nashua Airport, NH,  Reworked/Photoscenery
19.41Mb (529 downloads)
Airport reworked to real world specs, including all taxiways, parking, hangars, all real buildings on airport grounds, photoscenery, and GA planes in parking spaces. Built using Airport Design Editor X, SBuilderX, and the default FSX SDK. Nashua Municipal Airport, also known as Boire Field, is a public airport located three miles (5 km) northwest of the central business district (CBD) of Nashua, a city in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA.
Posted Aug 19, 2011 12:29 by FlierForLife
FSX High Altitude STOL Resort Scenery
0.01Mb (602 downloads)
-This STOL Resort Scenery makes for a challenging experience. The field is at high altitude (4100), has a short 2,700 ft runway, and has trees surrounding the runway on all sides. ONly to add to it, the runway is on the vey top of a mounitain, so your visual approach skills will be challenged. Airport made using default FSX SDK.
Posted Aug 18, 2011 09:44 by FlierForLife