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Galveston, TX Oil Co. HQ, Oil Rigs, and Hospital Emergency Scenery
Galveston, TX Oil Co. HQ, Oil Rigs, and Hospital Emergency Scenery
0.00Mb (2891 downloads)
Updated version with some bugs fixed. Now 5 oil rigs offshore. Hospital with 4 landing pads. Oil company HQ with 4 landing pads, and an accident site. Oil company landing pads have workers standing by waiting for a lift to the rigs. The pad closest to the building has the Oil company owner with 2 body guards waiting for a lift to tour the rigs. The hospital has ambulances and EMT's with stretchers waiting for the accident victims. The accident has 2 flipped tanker trucks on fire with cars involved. The police have the road blocked off and the fire dept is on the scene. EMT's are treating the accident victims by the ambulances waiting for your life flight to the hospital. 1 of the offshore oil rigs has a cargo ship unloading and loading some cargo containers and another oil rig has a tanker ship loading up with oil. Hope all the helo pilots enjoy this. I made this with Abacus's free application called Scenery Shortcut. P.S. all the people at the various landing sites will not actually get in your helicopter. use your imagination.
Posted Sep 22, 2009 02:24 by Ryan Brown
Pensacola NAVY Training
82.23Mb (7703 downloads)
This is a Scenery Pack for a complete NAVY training including the bases KNPA and KNSE (Jim Dhaenens) with some additional Scenery (Guy Diotte) and the USS Eisenhower (Javier Fernandez) for Carrier Training with everything working! We are using this pack at our server "Pensacola NAVY Training" on Gamespy!
Posted Sep 21, 2009 12:41 by Karl Meindl
Liberty Island
1.11Mb (1743 downloads)
This is a fictional makeover of the flat island in the sim. Credit to Instant Scenery for making it 'easy'.
Posted Sep 21, 2009 11:08 by Alan D Griswold
Alien Invasion AI Traffic Package
3.21Mb (3601 downloads)
Reptilian FS9 / FSX UFO AI Traffic FOR USA AND Canada. This file provides two different types of UFO (Invaders TV Series´s Saucer and my own creation Reptilians). Alien AI traffic across the United States and Canada. 18 landing places, (ground and water), flight plans for those interested on developing their own ones. Feel free to make your AI traffic using my models, but please, share every work with me. By Libardo Guzman (GUZMAN-ARTES)
Posted Sep 20, 2009 00:25 by LIBARDO GUZMAN GARCIA
Correction for CV_69 Scenery
0.00Mb (974 downloads)
The included readme is out to date concerning the NAV Frequency for the ILS. The new one is "108.30". Sorry for the inconvenince.
Posted Sep 19, 2009 17:51 by Karl Meindl
KNPA_CV69 Carrier Scenery
15.91Mb (7738 downloads)
Update for Pensacola NAS Carrier Trial Scenery. This is Javier's CV-69 Carrier for Multiplayer with working Meatball, Lights, ILS, GPS and Trap. You need the included ARRCAB 2.6 Software for Catapult! The Ball is slightly off center to make it visible in front of the non reflecting Radar Random! Special thanks to Timothy Marson for making a Scenery Object with Javier's Carrier. So I was able to use it instead of the Acceleration Carrier!
See this site for more:
Posted Sep 19, 2009 15:54 by Karl Meindl
AI-Traffic FA 18 staffel 17 Swiss Air Force V2
28.24Mb (5283 downloads)
This is the V2 of my file "AI-Traffic FA 18 staffel 17 Swiss Air Force". This version have more Aircrafts (and works). You will see the "Staffel 17" of the Swiss Air Force on your FSX-Sky? No problem! Download this file (and the Airport LSMP Payerne above) and follow the instructions in the readme file, and you have 11 F/A 18 of the Swiss Air Force on your sky! They fly every day at 12:30 (GMZ) on Payerne to Zürich and back! A other Staffel fly from Payerne to Emmen, and the third Staffel fly from Meiringen to Dübendorf! P.S.: You must have the Acceleration Pack! Thank you for downolad! Best regards, Nils Stampfli
Posted Sep 19, 2009 15:34 by Nils Stampfli
Gibraltar Scenery Upgrade
Gibraltar Scenery Upgrade
5.62Mb (4756 downloads)
Gibraltar version 2 This is a photo scenery of Gibraltar Upgade with better textures and made with SBuilderX at zoom level 18 night texture now included. install put in to addon scenery folder,or make a new one and add in FSX settings Tested in FSX only including UTX Europe I use this scenery with srt2eur.zip srt2eur2.zip built with SBuilderX build time 2 days
Posted Sep 19, 2009 12:50 by pips
RAF Fairford 2009
5.49Mb (3441 downloads)
RAF Fairford 2009 for FSX by Dave Morgan. Tested on FSX & Accelleration. Tested with both Horizon's VFR scenery with which it is carefully aligned and also with default scenery. The layout if Fairford's current layout and as Horizon's VFR Genx2 photo images were obtained from data rumoured to be from 1999/2000, It has a 'home-grown' grass texture over the top and should be placed above Horizon's VFR scenery in the addon scenery list otherwise an outdated layour will show through. Other than the buildings and objects given credit for in the readme, all buildings and trees are from default libraries which means frame rates are not badly affected. The parking on the base allows upto c55 aircraft on it at any one time and the packages from MAIW, UKMIL and ACG add to the atmosphere...
Posted Sep 17, 2009 16:36 by Dave Morgan
Alaska Seaport Collection
Alaska Seaport Collection
0.11Mb (3742 downloads)
Reworks of many Sea Ports with working fuel docks for sea planes around the Ketchikan Area of Alaska. Special effects and scenery. Paid special attention to frame rate compatibility.
Posted Sep 12, 2009 17:56 by David Tokar