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Tatra in Detail: Giewont Cross, Poland
1.57Mb (1776 downloads)
This addon gives you the famous cross on the top of Giewont mountain in Polish Tatra. The object was made in high detail, but does not drain FPS at all. There are 2 versions included: for default mesh or Global2008/Tatra Photo Scenery users. Enjoy the beauty of Tatra!
Posted Sep 5, 2009 16:39 by Dawid Andraszewski
Update - FSX Photoreal Maringa (Brazil)
103.50Mb (1299 downloads)
This is the first update for my Maringa Scenery, due some frame rates problems. First you must download the original file to get textures files.
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 5, 2009 11:44 by Gilson Cirino
FSX MDCY Samana Airport
0.83Mb (1330 downloads)
MDCY Samana airport (El Catey Intl), Dominican Republic for FSX made with ADE9x. (without the huge tiff file this time)
Posted Sep 3, 2009 20:37 by G.Bruce
Indira Gandhi Intl Airport
0.03Mb (1699 downloads)
Indira Gandhi Intl Airport, India, scenery update. VIDP for FSX using satellite images and AIP data
Posted Aug 30, 2009 11:31 by Himanshu Singh
FSX Whitehorse International Yukon Territory CYXY
FSX Whitehorse International Yukon Territory CYXY
0.75Mb (2289 downloads)
This scenery is designed using ADE v1.40 using satelite imagery and detailed photos. Completely compatible with UTcanada and FSGenesis Western Canada. Whitehorse is a complete revamp of the stock version airport. Added roads, parking lots, ground vehicles and airplanes, vegetation, reshaped taxi ways and aprons and put in proper runway lights. Includes the whitehorse firestation. Also many hangers and adjusted GA parking to reflect real world. Added animated jetway to support Boeing 737's and heliport in correct area. This airport reflects nothing of the stock version.
Posted Aug 26, 2009 01:43 by Eric McCloud
Valera Airport (SVVL) - Venezuela
Valera Airport (SVVL) - Venezuela
12.88Mb (2959 downloads)
The position of the Rwy 03-21 is corrected approximately 3800 m. to the east of the erroneous default position in FSX. This scenery includes detailed terminal building with night textures, control tower, firemen's hangar, general aviation hangars, taxiway signs, parking, vehicles and much more. By David Maldonado - May 2009
Posted Aug 22, 2009 12:52 by David Maldonado
FSX Scenery-El Vigia Airport(SVVG)-Venezuela
FSX Scenery-El Vigia Airport(SVVG)-Venezuela
12.07Mb (2708 downloads)
FSX Scenery-El Vigia Airport(SVVG)-Venezuela This scenery includes detailed terminal building, control tower, military base hangar, with very realistic textures, heliports, taxiway signs, parking, vehicles and much more. Also uses many objects of the FSX's library. In addition, this scenery adds signs ILS for Ryw 09 and VOR DME, as real life. By David Maldonado - August 2009
Posted Aug 22, 2009 12:39 by David Maldonado
Orofino Municipal Airport (S68), Orofino, Idaho Photoreal
Orofino Municipal Airport (S68), Orofino, Idaho Photoreal
58.52Mb (2226 downloads)
FSX Orofino Municipal Airport (S68), Orofino, Idaho (ID). Includes photoreal terrain and ground polygons with seasonal variations. Many of the objects make use of bump mapping. By Kobbe Farwick.
Posted Aug 20, 2009 06:30 by Kobbe Farwick.
CZYY - Mont Joli Airport, Quebec
CZYY - Mont Joli Airport, Quebec
6.43Mb (1179 downloads)
CZYY - Mont Joli Airport. Mont-Joli Airport is located 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km) north northwest of Mont-Joli, Quebec, Canada. In the summer of 1940 the Royal Canadian Air Force selected a flat area of farmland between Mont-Joli Station (on the Montreal-Halifax Canadian National Railway mainline) and the Saint Lawrence River for a military airfield. Construction on the aerodrome began in October 1941 and was completed by April 1942 at a cost of $200,000. Three paved runways and 50 buildings were constructed for what became known as RCAF Station Mont-Joli. By Daniel Louvet
Posted Aug 20, 2009 06:03 by Daniel Louvet
London Heathrow International Airport - EGLL V2
London Heathrow International Airport - EGLL V2
1.43Mb (16377 downloads)
London's Heathrow International Airport - EGLL - Revised. EGLLFIX_KA.bgl fixes the ILS transitions to 9L-27R, taxiway and apron path disconnects causing some BAW AI associated with T5b to vanish, accurate Terminal assignments per the official Website and up-to-date as of August 2009. Plus fixed the altitude of the Tower View. The Tower view altitude is set per the aerodrome and sits above the physical new Control Tower. All other changes remain the same as seen below in version 1. This fix represents a complete installation. Version 1 is not needed. By Kambiz Agazi
Posted Aug 20, 2009 05:58 by Kambiz Agazi