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Gibraltar Scenery Upgrade
Gibraltar Scenery Upgrade
5.62Mb (4778 downloads)
Gibraltar version 2 This is a photo scenery of Gibraltar Upgade with better textures and made with SBuilderX at zoom level 18 night texture now included. install put in to addon scenery folder,or make a new one and add in FSX settings Tested in FSX only including UTX Europe I use this scenery with srt2eur.zip srt2eur2.zip built with SBuilderX build time 2 days
Posted Sep 19, 2009 12:50 by pips
RAF Fairford 2009
5.49Mb (3453 downloads)
RAF Fairford 2009 for FSX by Dave Morgan. Tested on FSX & Accelleration. Tested with both Horizon's VFR scenery with which it is carefully aligned and also with default scenery. The layout if Fairford's current layout and as Horizon's VFR Genx2 photo images were obtained from data rumoured to be from 1999/2000, It has a 'home-grown' grass texture over the top and should be placed above Horizon's VFR scenery in the addon scenery list otherwise an outdated layour will show through. Other than the buildings and objects given credit for in the readme, all buildings and trees are from default libraries which means frame rates are not badly affected. The parking on the base allows upto c55 aircraft on it at any one time and the packages from MAIW, UKMIL and ACG add to the atmosphere...
Posted Sep 17, 2009 16:36 by Dave Morgan
Alaska Seaport Collection
Alaska Seaport Collection
0.11Mb (3778 downloads)
Reworks of many Sea Ports with working fuel docks for sea planes around the Ketchikan Area of Alaska. Special effects and scenery. Paid special attention to frame rate compatibility.
Posted Sep 12, 2009 17:56 by David Tokar
Four Landable Carriers Scenery V5.0
50.23Mb (6523 downloads)
Miramar, Oceana, Pensacola U.S., and Yokosuka, Japan Carrier Scenerys V5.0 Updated with (Javier Fernandez) s High Detail Carriers. Good scenery for organized multiplayer carrier circuits and traps, all players will see these. Ships spaced out to address a common frame rate complaint. Has locializer, dme, Arrestor cables. NDB on decks for ADF head wind approuches. Use Arrestor Cables V2.6 for Catapults. ALL credits due for carrier's to Javier Fernandez
Posted Sep 10, 2009 03:44 by T.Marson/Thunder
GPS Oil Platforms V5.0
GPS Oil Platforms V5.0
0.89Mb (1785 downloads)
Updated OLD SCENERY (3 GPS oil platforms V4.0) 3 mission Oil Platforms. Included a Oil tanker ship multiplayer mission scenery, the tanker is on fire with 2 Coast Guard cutters near itrnfor rescue. Open ended mission scenery for what ever scenario you come up with, Location is in read me. And I've marked the stock Oil platforms around the United states and Mexico with GPS tags, rnNDB, and VOR for navigation. Going to add more countrys stock oil platforms navigation locations in updates to come. All Platforms NDB"s are on helo deck.
Posted Sep 10, 2009 03:04 by T.Marsom/Thunder
Feshiebridge, Cairngorm Gliding Club, Aviemore Scotland.
36.95Mb (1095 downloads)
Feshiebridge, Cairngorm Gliding Club, Aviemore Scotland. Situated in the Heart of the Cairngorms, Feshiebridge is surrounded by high mountains with the 111mt (3663ft) high Sgoran Dubh Mor just East of the field. Designed for use with the default FSX Scenery but can also be used with `Northern-Microlights. By Neil Birch
Posted Sep 9, 2009 07:28 by Neil Birch
Wilkins Aerodrome (YWKS) in Antarctica
0.15Mb (1263 downloads)
Thank you for downloading and Installing the Scenery for Wilkins Aerodrome (YWKS) in Antarctica. Wilkins Airport is an airport mainly for Arrivals for transportation for Scientists to avoid the extremely long journey by boat. This scenery depicts the Real YWKS in many ways but there are many constraints.
Posted Sep 6, 2009 12:39 by Uploader
CYGR- Ile de la Madeleine, Quebec
2.75Mb (1364 downloads)
CYGR- Ile de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada Iles-de-la-Madeleine Airport is located on the island of Havre-aux-Maisons near the central island of Cap-aux-Meules in the Iles-de-la-Madeleine (Magdalen Islands), Quebec, Canada. The airport is classifed as an airport of entry by NAV CANADA and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency I have developped the apron and parking lot. Room for 5 A/C at the time.NIce scenery around, worth a stop on this beautifull island! Hope you'll enjoy your stop over in Ile de la Madeleine I have included the airport information and charts. Daniel Louvet
Posted Sep 6, 2009 07:38 by Daniel Louvet
Tatra in Detail: Giewont Cross, Poland
1.57Mb (1799 downloads)
This addon gives you the famous cross on the top of Giewont mountain in Polish Tatra. The object was made in high detail, but does not drain FPS at all. There are 2 versions included: for default mesh or Global2008/Tatra Photo Scenery users. Enjoy the beauty of Tatra!
Posted Sep 5, 2009 16:39 by Dawid Andraszewski
Update - FSX Photoreal Maringa (Brazil)
103.50Mb (1326 downloads)
This is the first update for my Maringa Scenery, due some frame rates problems. First you must download the original file to get textures files.
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 5, 2009 11:44 by Gilson Cirino