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Carrier Scenery: Oceania, Miramar, and Pensacola V4.5
1.81Mb (5581 downloads)
Carrier Sceneries. All three locations updated, Oceania, Miramar, and Pensacola V4.5. Good scenery for organized multilayer carrier circuits and traps, all players will see these. Ships spaced out to address a common frame rate complaint. Has localizer, DME, VOR, Arrestor cables. NDB, one for both carriers-Both on decks for ADF head wind approaches.
Posted Aug 3, 2009 08:19 by Thunder
81st Tactical Fighter Wing RAF Bentwaters RAF Woodbridge
81st Tactical Fighter Wing RAF Bentwaters RAF Woodbridge
69.12Mb (2743 downloads)
81st TFW RAF Bentwaters Woodbridge, UK for FSX. Thank you for downloading V3 of 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters Woodbridge for FSX, version 1 and 2 where released on our website at www.airfieldconstructiongroup.org and are now void.
Posted Aug 3, 2009 05:48 by Stephen Legg
0.55Mb (1351 downloads)
Update for the Multiplayer CV-71 Carrier Scenery (above). Includes: New Lights (more realistic) some static F-18 on the rear parking areas. NOTE: This Pack only works with Microsoft Accelleration Pack.
Posted Aug 1, 2009 08:03 by Karl Meindl
Multiplayer Carrier for day & night landings
0.56Mb (2666 downloads)
Scenery including: Acceleration Carrier with working Trap, working GPS = CV71, working ILS Approach = 108.15, Working Ball (Red = LOW, Orange = HIGH, Green = On Glide slope). Carrier is 3 miles south east of Pensacola NAS (KNPA). You need ARRCAB 2.6 or higher for Catapult.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jul 30, 2009 09:20 by Karl Meindl
Bandirma, Turkey,  Air Base VFR Scenery
73.05Mb (2932 downloads)
Moderately detailed VFR scenery of Bandirma in Turkey LTBG Air Base and the surrounding area, for FSX. Contains realistic positioning of objects and autogen, has also some photoreal texture components.
Posted Jul 29, 2009 17:21 by Sunay KILIC
FSX Power Project v2.0
FSX Power Project v2.0
0.64Mb (5758 downloads)
Upgrade of FSX Power Project. Thousands of electric pylons, 50+ animated wind farms, power stations with optional steam/smoke effects & sub-stations in UK. Fits Horizon GenX photo scenery. Many more wind farms & power stations are added to East/West Europe, Africa, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and USA (including the huge Horse Hollow wind farm in Texas). Steam effects applied to 19 default USA power stations. Goonhilly and Malvern satellite earth stations. The radomes of Menwith Hill (pictured) - US NSA electronic monitoring station - in Yorkshire are now modelled + others in N.America. This version removes duplicated BGL's - frame rates now probably better . Documented to let you tailor it around your favourite scenery.
Posted Jul 28, 2009 18:15 by Ray Porter
Vienna-Schwechat Int. Airport Scenery
Vienna-Schwechat Int. Airport Scenery
0.64Mb (5349 downloads)
Scenery includes the new Skylink-Terminal, Fire station, Parking lots and more.
Posted Jul 28, 2009 09:21 by Thomas Mittermair
Newtownards Airfield N Ireland (EGAD) for FSX SP2 with Ultimate Terrain X Europe Scenery installed
Newtownards Airfield N Ireland (EGAD) for FSX SP2 with Ultimate Terrain X Europe Scenery installed
17.98Mb (1333 downloads)
Very detailed scenery of Newtownards Airfield in Northern Ireland (EGAD). The airport buildings and hangers are reproduced as realistically as possible in Gmax using photographs for reference as well as for most textures. Custom textures are also used for runways, taxiways and aprons. This scenery is designed for use with Ultimate Terrain X Europe scenery and requires FSX SP2 or Acceleration.
Posted Jul 27, 2009 17:16 by Terry Shields
Naval Outlying Field Spencer (NRQ)
Naval Outlying Field Spencer (NRQ)
26.99Mb (1415 downloads)
Spencer NOLF is used to train helicopter Pilots from NAS Whiting Field. This was made with USGS orthoimagery sampled at 1 foot per pixel. This NOLF is famous for its runways laid out in a Star of David pattern.
Posted Jul 18, 2009 00:33 by Jim Dhaenens
London Heathrow International Airport
London Heathrow International Airport
1.24Mb (12214 downloads)
London Heathrow International Airport - EGLL. EGLL_KA.bgl is a significant modification to the FSX default EGLL. Version 1 represents EGLL as it existed in February 2009. See Readme for detailed information. By Kambiz Agazi
Posted Jul 17, 2009 07:22 by Kambiz Agazi