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Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport, Germany
26.47Mb (1417 downloads)
FSX Scenery Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport ( EDSB), Germany. Baden airpark is a regional airport. It handels low cost flights within Europe as well as scheduled flights within Germany,also a private jet company and DRK helicopter maintenance. Made with ADE and several scenery object libraries and a ground scenery . Many thanks to all developers who made it possible to create better look alike scenery. Please respect the rules of freeware files. Created by Peter Hermans
Posted Feb 7, 2016 04:44 by Mike Leitz
Amilcar Cabral Airport, Cape Verde
1.82Mb (709 downloads)
FSX Scenery Amilcar Cabral Airport (GVAC) Cape Verde. Cape Verde is an archipelago of 10 vulcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean for the coast of Western Africa including Sal and Boa Vista islands. Made with ADE . This is Amilcar Cabral International Airport on Sal Island made by Antonio Luis Delgado for FS2004. I converted it to FSX with ADE. I added some trees and some buildings needed for the corrections. Many thanks to all developers who made it possible to create better look alike scenery. Created by Peter Hermans
Posted Feb 7, 2016 04:33 by Mike Leitz
FSX Snow X v.2 Scenery Textures
FSX Snow X v.2 Scenery Textures
5.27Mb (2413 downloads)
Snow X Version 2.0 for Flight Simulator X - This is the second version of "Snow X" * Optimized textures * High-quality 1024 x 1024 DXT1 * New color tone brown rocks * Weight of textures optimized to 512 KB * Correction of some sharp corners * Reduction of rocks in some textures * snow X cover: rock ice, glacier ice, ice 'Snow X is an update of textures globlal coverage in order to make more realistic snowy mountain ranges. 'The snow texutas default FSX is not very realistic, using X Snow V.2 significantly change the mountainous scenery with snow. BACK UP your original textures before replacing!!
Posted Feb 7, 2016 03:29 by juan30005
York Airport CPP6 - Ontario - Canada
30.14Mb (395 downloads)
This is a FS9 and FSX self-contained scenery package for the York airport in Southern Ontario, Canada, CPP6. This is a small airport but, as it turns out, busy. This package works in FS2004 (FS9) and FSX, but it doesn't work in Prepar3D. There is another package for that, but animations and timed objects don't work in Prepar3D. The package includes traffic aircraft. If you install the aircraft in the appropriate Aircraft/Airplanes folder in FS9 or FSX, the traffic will appear; if not, the traffic won't appear. Made by Fern Marques with aircraft models by Dave Pearce.
Posted Feb 6, 2016 17:14 by Fern Marques
RAF Moreton In The Marsh, UK
RAF Moreton In The Marsh, UK
1.73Mb (229 downloads)
RAF Moreton-in-Marsh was a Royal Air Force station near Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire. It was opened in November 1940 and closed for operational flying in early 1948. The base remained in use as a relief runway and for training. After a period of care and maintenance, the Station was handed over to the Home Office in 1955. The town's environs are quite flat and low-lying although it is situated at the northern extremity of the Cotswold Hills range. During World War II, a large area of this flat land to the east of the town was developed as an airfield and became the base of 21 OTU (Operational Training Unit) RAF, flying mainly Vickers Wellington bombers. It is highly likely that the airfield inspired the title of the radio show Much Binding in the Marsh. After all, two of its stars, Kenneth Horne and Richard Murdoch, served there as flying instructors.
Posted Jan 31, 2016 15:05 by Terry Boissel
RAF Swanton Morley, UK
RAF Swanton Morley, UK
1.06Mb (337 downloads)
Swanton Morley was a new station planned under the RAF expansion scheme but not completed to the same standard before the start of the Second World War. It was part of No. 2 Group in Bomber Command until December 1944 when it was given over to 100 Group - the RAF unit responsible for countering German defences against the British strategic bombing - as they needed another airfield close to their HQ at Bylaugh Hall. On 4 July 1942, American and British airmen took off from this station as part of the first combined bombing raid of World War II. No 226 Squadron had been tutoring the US 15 Bombardment Squadron. Both Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower were at RAF Swanton Morley for this mission, which saw six crews from 15th Bombardment Squadron fly a raid with six crews from the RAF, using Boston light bombers belonging to No. 226 Squadron RAF. The raid was made at low level against German airfields in the Netherlands. During World War II the station was home to the Bomber Support Development Unit (BSDU) of No. 100 Group RAF. After World War II the station was home to No 1 Air Signaller's School and later to the Central Servicing Development Establishment (CSDE) and the Maintenance Analysis and Computing Establishment (MACE). From June 1953 to 1995 the station was also used by 611 Volunteer Gliding School, when the station was listed for closure under Options for Change. The station held popular airshows during the 1980s. The station closed in 1995 and was converted to an Army base now known as Robertson Barracks. Source: Wikipedia
Posted Jan 28, 2016 21:30 by Terry Boissel
P3D/FSX Ohrid-VFR, Macedonia area scenery
P3D/FSX Ohrid-VFR, Macedonia area scenery
24.19Mb (335 downloads)
This VFR scenery covers the area around Ohrid Airport (Republic of Macedonia - FYROM). Compatible with FSX/P3D as default and also works with the payware LWOH_FSX airport by Ivano Marongiu. This scenery has been made with "SBuilderX" design tool and with Google Earth for geographical reference of the various polygons. Uses only default textures. This scenery does not include photoreal satellite imagery (eg. Google-earth).
Posted Jan 22, 2016 09:42 by Ivano Marongiu
RAF Snetterton Heath, UK
RAF Snetterton Heath, UK
1.43Mb (241 downloads)
I did this scenery for a gentleman who had worked at the station, but I have lost his contact details, so I would be grateful if he contacted me to put my mind at rest that he has got the scenery! RAF Snetterton Heath is a former Royal Air Force station located south east of the A11, 6 miles (9.7 km) south west of Attleborough, Norfolk, England. Opened in 1942 the station was used throughout WWII by various units of the USAAF With the end of military control Snetterton Heath was privately purchased in 1952 with a view to utilizing the runways and perimeter tracks as a motor racing circuit. The first motor cycle meeting was held in 1953 and the first motor races the following year. Today, banking and safety barriers have transformed the airfield and Snetterton Circuit is used extensively; not only for local club, national, as well as international racing, but for the testing and development of new designs of motor cycles and cars.
Posted Jan 22, 2016 03:53 by Terry Boissel
FS X Kure Atoll Airfield, Green Island HI99 (Hawaii/USA)
FS X Kure Atoll Airfield, Green Island HI99 (Hawaii/USA)
1.64Mb (587 downloads)
Old base used by the US Navy since the WWII, and, with the name LORAN by the USCG since the early 1960s up to 1992. Now, all buildings had been removed.With one NDB (KUre 316.0) activated in the 60's. The buildings are positioned as in reality but are not identical in shape. By Jean-Jacques Parel. Built with ADE.
Posted Jan 21, 2016 01:05 by Jean-Jacques Parel
FS X Bellows AFB v2 XBEL/Hawaii
FS X Bellows AFB v2 XBEL/Hawaii
2.75Mb (737 downloads)
Old USMC flight training base. Last runway closed in 1956. Now it's one USMC base with name Bellows AFS (Air Force Station), the 298th Regiment, Multi-Functional Training Unit (MFTU), Regional Training Institute (RTI). And one recreational center or soldiers. I have make a fictionnal airport with 8 GA Small, 3 GA Medium, 2 GA Large, 2 Cargo, 2 helipads, 3 runway (1 for ultralight), NDB, VOR/DME, ILS. It's a version 2 with one other controltower, the beacon repositioned and one new AI trafic. Built with ADE. By Jean-Jacques Parel
Posted Jan 20, 2016 17:02 by Jean-Jacques Parel