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Faro airport ( LPFR)  Portugal
0.17Mb (1060 downloads)
FSX Scenery Faro airport ( LPFR) Portugal. Made with ADE and several scenery object libraries. Faro is a small airport in the south of Portugal, one of the sun destinations. Also animated jetways and a small part of Faro city. Many thanks to all developers who made it possible to create better look alike scenery. Kind regards Peter Hermans
Posted Apr 18, 2015 08:23 by Mike Leitz
FSX Blue Angels- Pensacola Beach
15.67Mb (1395 downloads)
Pensacola Beach is the home of the Blue Angels, and every year, thousands of people come to the white sands and blue waters of Pensacola Beach to witness their spectacular airshow! This scenery is for that area of the Pensacola Beach where they preform, including the Pensacola beach tower, static people, the dock, and lots of hotels and restaurants! This scenery is made by the FSX Blue Angels, I did not make any of this scenery whatsoever, so thanks to them for this beautiful scenery! Also, go check out their website, where they actually do a virtual airshow!
Posted Apr 14, 2015 10:53 by Cayden Smith
Aeropuerto de Moron, Argentina Scenery Package
Aeropuerto de Moron, Argentina Scenery Package
59.26Mb (859 downloads)
Moron Airport / B.A.M. Moron, Argentina. High detail photoreal scenery. Static aircraft, people and animated vehicles!
Posted Apr 12, 2015 19:51 by SIMARG,Simualcion Argentina
Santa Barbara De Barinas Airport, SVSB, Venezuela
Santa Barbara De Barinas Airport, SVSB, Venezuela
20.45Mb (491 downloads)
Santa Barbara De Barinas Airport, SVSB, Venezuela photo scenery. Runway coordinates positioned to correct airport headings
Posted Apr 11, 2015 07:11 by Trino Rojas
La Plagne - Macot-la-Plagne, French Alps, France
74.18Mb (1018 downloads)
La Plagne - Macot-la-Plagne, French Alps, France. Here is a scenery like a vacation memory. There are 3 DZ as I have seen them: - DZ Roche de Mio - DZ Glacier - DZ La Plagne Bellecote Made with my ski pictures. I make altmost 30 specific objects.
Posted Apr 6, 2015 02:56 by Vladimir Corre
Snow X v.1 - FSX
Snow X v.1 - FSX
15.48Mb (3530 downloads)
Snow X is an update of textures global coverage in order to make more realistic snowy mountain ranges. 'Fsx snow is not very realistic, edit agunas textures and others only the renowned giving a good result (as data can tell you that if you include these textures fsx but not used at all) (Does not affect performance and is compatible with all addons Orbx, fs-global, and other addons field)
Posted Mar 23, 2015 12:11 by juan30005
Aeroclub de Kourou 2015
Aeroclub de Kourou 2015
47.35Mb (254 downloads)
This is my first scenery, I release it as Freeware because it was just to learn about scenery development, using Sketchup etc. I didn't spent too much time on it and add as much details as possible. I hope you'll enjoy it :) Aviana Scenery
Posted Mar 22, 2015 09:49 by Marc Loubieres
Port-of-Spain Trinidad v2.1
Port-of-Spain Trinidad v2.1
10.43Mb (822 downloads)
Scenery for Port-of-Spain Trinidad. Port of Spain, also written as Port-of-Spain, is the capital of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the country's third-largest municipality
Posted Mar 21, 2015 19:57 by Imo Seon
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport
5.18Mb (4030 downloads)
CountryFlyboy presents KATL. A complete rebuild of the Default KATL. Brings the airport up to match current charts. Adds runway 10/28, adds the new international terminal, adds the new taxiway extensions. Custom AFCAD forces the AI to follow proper traffic flows. Removes default approaches and adds new approaches matching current charts. Also includes SID and STAR procedures for AIsidstar witch forces AI aircraft to follow the SID and STAR procedures. Complete Readme detailing all the procedures for flying into or out off ATL be it online or off.
Posted Mar 20, 2015 03:02 by CountryFlyboy
VOML Mangaluru International Airport, India
VOML Mangaluru International Airport, India
6.30Mb (1124 downloads)
Mangaluru International Airport, (VOML) formerly known as Bajpe Airport, is an international airport serving the coastal city of Mangaluru, India. Several daily flights connect Mangaluru with most major cities in southern and western India as well as many major cities in the Middle East. As of 2014, Mangaluru International Airport has one of the highest year-over-year passenger growth rates in India, with a 54 percent growth in international passenger traffic.
Posted Mar 16, 2015 18:19 by Ratan Lewis