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Sikorsky S-42 "Brazilian Clipper" Package
Sikorsky S-42 "Brazilian Clipper" Package
8.63Mb (5511 downloads)
FS2004 Sikorsky S-42 "Brazilian Clipper" NC-822M Sikorsky 4-engine flying boat flown by Pan American Airways 1934-1944. Used in Caribbean and South America, carrying up to 32 passengers and 5 crew. Range 1200 miles at cruising speed of 150 mph. At the time it was the largest plane built in the United States. NC-822M was first of 10 S-42s delivered to Pan Am. FSDS3.5 model with virtual cockpit, passenger compartment, custom XML gauges including prop synchronizer. Animated fore and aft hatches. Model based on Sikorsky documents from New England Air Museum and photos from U. of Miami library. A flying boat, not an amphibian. No true landing gear, but beaching gear provided. Can be taxied in and out of water. By George Diemer.
Posted Mar 19, 2009 09:01 by John Paul
Fairey Firefly Target Drone textures
0.92Mb (1001 downloads)
Fairey Firefly Target Drone textures only. This paint depicts the firefly Based at Llanbedr, Wales 1954 and used as the Target drone aircraft. Requires the Original mdl by By Ted Simko. Remade for CFS2/FS2002/2004 with new Mdl, air, Dp and textures by A.F.Scrub.
Required files:
required file
Posted Mar 16, 2009 18:28 by tranquil_UKMIL
Boeing B377 Stratocruiser with Updated VC
Boeing B377 Stratocruiser with Updated VC
24.03Mb (9772 downloads)
Boeing B377 with Updated VC. Boeing 377 Modified Virtual Cockpit. FS2004/FS2002 BOEING B377 Stratocruisers British Overseas Airways Corporation. 3 models: Delivery Scheme 1949. 2nd scheme (white Fin) 1951 Final scheme (Blue Fin). American Overseas Airlines One Model. GMAX Version 1 8/2003. Built by Greg Pepper. Painted by Dave McQueen. Minor assistance from Tom Gibson. Technical and testing help from Dave McQueen. Virtual Cockpit modified by Jorge Buiatti. Includes: Primary Flight Display, Nav Flight Display, Pitot & Gps-Nav Switch, panel with Gps and Autopilot Heading Window (default gauges used). Also include DME, Automatic Pilot Stack, Lights Switch, Cowl Flaps Switch, Vor2 (to make more easy to intercept the radials Vor when you are flying through the Sids & Stars airports with IVAO for example), Radio, ATC, MAP and GPS Icons, even one Clock with Wind vector (clicking the clock's centre you will see the direction wind but no the speed of it- this gauge from Tom Gibson's California Classics DC6-B) and some extra gauges like Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature from Tom Gibson's California Classics DC6-B gauges. The Engine Start switch and Fuel Valves gauges are from Daisuke Yamamoto, Kubota Hiroaki, Luis da Costa Pereira & Fabio Bonoldi's Lockheed WP-3D Hurricane Hunter. I know that this is not the real Cockpit but now you can fly from the Virtual Cockpit without make changes to 2D Panel Cockpit. All gauges are included into the Gauge.Zip
Posted Mar 9, 2009 11:10 by Jorge Buiatti
Spanish C-47B Textures
Spanish C-47B Textures
1.50Mb (1770 downloads)
FS2004 version of my Spanish C47B, FSX original textures. Aircraft represented is a Spanish 792 Squadron, 79 Wing (in the AGA, Air Force pilots Academy) based on San Javier, Murcia, during last 60īs and first 70īs. Spanish ones were of many types, from DC-3 to various C-47 that were in the Air Force, then many in Iberia Spanish airlines, Spantax, Aeroflete, etc, and some of them again in the Air Force. This example particularly was a C-47B, but default FSX is a DC-3, this is the one I had to paint. Instead I dont mind that, the aircraft is so pretty enough even in the incorrect version : ) .
Posted Feb 13, 2009 12:56 by Ala13_ManOWar
FIAT G46 Italian Air Force
2.82Mb (2919 downloads)
This model features reflective metallic skin and full animations. The panel background has been created entirely from scratch, based on photographic material found on the net and some photos from official documents. FIAT G46 Italian Air Force. Some gauges are default gauges and some have been created by the authors. Included in this model there is also a simple Virtual Cockpit, with working essential flight instruments and animated flight controls.Capt. I. D'Attomo Capt. G.Quai
Posted Jan 25, 2009 08:12 by Capt. I. D'Attomo
FS2004/2002 C.R.D.A. CANT Z 501
FS2004/2002 C.R.D.A. CANT Z 501
5.20Mb (3374 downloads)
FS2004/2002 Cant Z.501 Gabbiano(Seagull)-Seaplane In service since 1937 in Regia Aeronautica for reconnaissance,SAR and anti submarine patrol. 3 models of the service in War from 1937 until 1945. After Sep 8th 1943, served in Allied Italian Co-belligerent Air Forces and in 1950 was retired. Model, Texture and Panel by F. Giuli, O.Radicati. Gauges by different authors
Posted Jan 22, 2009 12:30 by FRANCESCO GIULI
FS2004 KLM Douglas DC-6 Textures
11.45Mb (1523 downloads)
Douglas DC-6 KLM Textures for Jens Kristensen's DC-6 Package. Having been an operator of the Douglas DC-2, DC-3, DC-4 and DC-5, it seemed only logical that KLM (celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2009) purchased the DC-6 for its long-haul routes. Seemed, because KLM already operated the Lockheed L-049 Constellation, the DC-6's competitor. Nevertheless, Connie and DC-6 marched on together quite well. Enclosed in this package are five repaints of DC-6's during several stages in their life with KLM. The 1957 livery of PH-DPP was an interim-livery (see the 'old fashioned' white lettering and the early-fifties style cowlings). The 1962 livery of PJ-DPI seems to have been an attempt to fit into the new house style of KLM without having to respray the fuselage, as the DC-6 reached the end of its KLM carreer anyway. These are textures only. You will require Jens B. Kristensen's Douglas DC-6 . Original textures by Jens B. Kristensen. Repaints by Maarten Brouwer.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 10, 2009 16:32 by Maarten Brouwer
Douglas DC-6 ver 2.0
26.05Mb (11184 downloads)
FS2004 Douglas DC-6 ver 2.0. This package includes the DC-6 in its earliest form with short nose (no weather radar) and round-tipped Curtiss Electric propellers as delivered to the first DC-6 customers in 1946-48. The later aircraft had the more well-known, square-tipped 'paddle' propellers, and this version is included as well. Most, if not all, of the early DC-6's were later modernized to this standard, and many (especially from the U.S. operators) had weather radar installed in a longer nose. This package contains most variants, including liveries for American, United, Delta, Panagra, SAS, Sabena and KLM, nine aircraft in all. The KLM repaint is by Maarten Brouwer. Flight dynamics based on work by FSAviator. For FS2004; FSX users should get instead. By Jens B. Kristensen.
Posted Jan 8, 2009 14:02 by Jens B. Kristensen
FS2004/FSX Fairchild 71 Floatplane
FS2004/FSX Fairchild 71 Floatplane
8.54Mb (1787 downloads)
Part 7 of the Early Fairchild Series. Original gmax model by James Hefner, with some parts and textures from the Microsoft FS2004 SDK. Flight dynamics, effects, and panel design by Jim Douglass, using Microsoft gauges. 2-D panel bitmap by Mick Morrissey. (Requires Fairchild be installed for gauges, sound and effects.)
Required files:
required file
Posted Dec 26, 2008 13:31 by James Hefner
FS2002/FS2004 Ryan FR1 "Fireball".
4.57Mb (4168 downloads)
FS2002/FS2004 Ryan FR1 "Fireball". This is a compound power aircraft that installs a past reciprocating engine for the cruise to supplement poor fuel cost that is the fault of an initial jet engine and is a machine equipped with the first jet engine in the U.S. Navy. This was not the one to exceed the recipro fighter in the performance. The products was ended only in 66-plane's completion. And though the squadron (VF-66 . VF-41, VF-1E, and change the title afterwards) that disposed this machine were organized in May, 1945, There was no chance of the actual combat participation. Four kind of models(Clean / with Pylon / with Tank / with Weapons) are included. by Kazunori Ito.
Posted Dec 26, 2008 12:57 by Kazunori Ito