Dec 09, 2023 |
FS2004 70 Global Terrain Mesh

FS2004/FS2002/FS2000 70m Global Terrain Mesh for The Whole World.

Converted & compiled by Stephen Rothlisberger

Introduction These are scenery files for FS2004, FS2002 & FS2000. The entire landmass of the earth between 60°S and 60°N is covered in 682 geographical sections. The resolution of the source files is three arc-seconds. The terrain mesh is sampled at 70m. However, see the README for a discussion on the relative accuracy of the source data. These scenery files were generated from preliminary SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data downloaded from The complete scenery set is about 8.27GB


How to use these files:

  1. Download the README text file
  2. Download the Terrain Map (1.5MB)
  3. Use the map & references detailed below & click to download required file(s)
SRTM Tutorial Description: Here is the tutorial with graphics to the SRTM terrain mesh provded my Stephen R. & Simviation. Updated jan 27, 2006 By: Alex Ramos. 1.3MB