Sep 28, 2023 |
Upload File Requirements

Upload your files to Simviation

Please use the form on the next page to upload your file in your desired category.

IMPORTANT! It is important that standards and copyrights are respected. Please ensure the following are included:

We will not post: files where original author names are removed, payware files, files with evident problems (most files are checked unless from a known contributor).

If you are new to this, please read our guidelines to ensure uploaded files meet these standards. Files not complying with these basic requirements can not be approved.


  • Filenames should contain only letters and numbers - no spaces
  • Filenames should conly contain western type face letters - so á, é, etc or other non western typeface will not work as a file name or description. (change to a, e, etc)


If your file does not appear it could be that it did not upload complete - please try again.

Go to upload form >>>

If you have any problems with our upload system please report these & we will help you.

Many thanks