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Boeing 747 Air Force One Texture
2.45Mb (20221 downloads)
Air Force One textures for the default Boeing 747 in FSX. Created by Garth Carden. Visit RepaintCentral.com for more high quality textures!
Posted Oct 9, 2009 16:26 by Garth Carden
BAe 146-300 Multi Livery
BAe 146-300 Multi Livery
4.94Mb (11680 downloads)
BAe 146 in United, BA, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, Air Canada and Model and textures by Jon Murchison. Includes an extra fictional 'Steve's Island Hopper Airways' textures by Christopher Martin. Uses default panel and sounds. No VC.
Posted Oct 9, 2009 12:42 by www.repaintz.tk
FSX Boeing 747-400 KLM Textures & Traffic
FSX Boeing 747-400 KLM Textures & Traffic
6.56Mb (16632 downloads)
FSX Boeing 747-400 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Textures. Registration: PH-BFG. Textures only for the default FSX B747-400. A little surprise: KLM Cargo Textures. Registration: PH-CKD. And the usual bonus from me: KLM and KLM Cargo B747-400 traffic package included. Created by Gabor Kovacs
Posted Oct 9, 2009 09:52 by Gabor Kovacs
Airbus A-321 First Choice Textures
6.05Mb (4104 downloads)
First Choice textures for Default Airbus 321, created by Stephen Browning.
Posted Oct 9, 2009 06:12 by Stephen Browning
Boeing 747SP Mandarin Airlines.
Boeing 747SP Mandarin Airlines.
11.72Mb (6811 downloads)
Boeing 747SP Mandarin Airlines. Entered service with China Airlines in 1977, given to Mandarin Airlines in 1993, and stored since 2005. This model was created by the Project Open Sky team. Uses default 747 2d panel. No VC. Jonathon Sze
Posted Oct 8, 2009 05:02 by Paul Atreides
Boeing 727-100 Eastern
19.17Mb (12950 downloads)
Vistaliners Boeing 727-100 Eastern. Custom sounds. Uses default Boeing 737 panel, no VC. Comes with Eastern Airlines liveries. Originally uploaded by Daniel Gonzales.
Posted Oct 7, 2009 10:38 by Paul Atreides
Airbus A320 NWA
21.79Mb (6550 downloads)
Airbus A320 Northwest Airlines. Model by Project Opensky. Uses default A321 panel, no VC. Custom sound package included. Uploaded originally by Daniel Gonzalez
Posted Oct 7, 2009 10:09 by Paul Atreides
Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800 Textures
8.82Mb (5946 downloads)
New Boeing 737-800 Copa Airlines Textures only for the default Boeing 737-800. Copa Airlines, based in Panama City, is the national flag carrier airline of Panama.
Posted Oct 6, 2009 19:21 by Jorge Herrera
FSX/FS2004 A319 British Midland Textures
2.23Mb (2848 downloads)
Texures only for the iFDG Airbus 319. created by Stephen Browning
Required files:
required file
Posted Oct 5, 2009 08:10 by Stephen Browning
FSX/FS2004 MD-11 FedEx.
13.18Mb (13369 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 MD-11 FedEx. Sound and model by iFDG and panel by Philippe Wallaert. Textures by Clemens Pieper. NO VC. 2D Panel only. Uploaded by Daniel Gonzalez
Posted Oct 4, 2009 06:53 by Paul Atreides