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Hudson Rescue
2.43Mb (15341 downloads)
Welcome to another Simple FSX Mission. In this mission, you will have to fly a chopper from the Hospital Heli pad, to the airplane crash, in the Hudson River, to rescue the passengers on top of the airplane wings.Mission created by: Max Scarcia with Instant Mission Maker.
Posted Mar 8, 2010 19:42 by Max Scarcia
Naples Rescue Mission
8.99Mb (3230 downloads)
Mission created to show the potential of the FSX SDK. Dialogues in Italian language. During your mission, your plane must fly over a ship in search of missing persons to receive the award. Visit to enter the Italian community for the creation of missions
Posted Mar 6, 2010 09:00 by Rosario Granieri
FSX Los Angeles CoFD CL-215 mission V2.00
FSX Los Angeles CoFD CL-215 mission V2.00
9.02Mb (12595 downloads)
Experience an exiting day in the Los Angeles County fire Department and protect Los Angeles again fires. As an air Fireman of the Los Angeles County fire Department, you are in command of the famous Canadair/Bombardier "Cl-215" Water Bomber based at Van Nuys international airport. your mission "if you accept it" is to localize and extinguish several fires in the Los Angeles area. you must fly low and drop your water freight whit accuracy in this very mountainous country if you want to get rewarded at the end of your day. Good luck ! V2.00 corrected missing files and bugs
Required files:
required file
Posted Mar 2, 2010 22:46 by Ronald Dandurand
Elephant Rescue 1
2.68Mb (4345 downloads)
Welcome to Simple FSX Mission. FSX Acceleration Mission. In this mission you will be flying a bell helichopter to deliver some antibiotics and some other medication to some field zoologists that are trying to save some very sick elephants.Created By: Max Scarcia
Posted Mar 2, 2010 07:25 by Max Scarcia
Orlando Transport Mission
4.01Mb (7768 downloads)
FSX Mission. In this mission you will be transporting a passenger to the Kissemee airport in Florida to meet his family.
Posted Feb 26, 2010 18:33 by Max Scarcia
The Most Dangerous Airports: Toncontin
The Most Dangerous Airports: Toncontin
15.90Mb (15102 downloads)
I have created the next in, The Most Dangerous Airport Mission Series: namely Toncontin. The missions are real and hectic, both for you and the aircraft. The flight is a scheduled Continental Airlines flight. The Toncontin Intl is rated by some as the most dangerous airport, due to it's approach, it has a 180 left bank, just before landing on runway 02. The airport is not so famous for this approach and numerous accidents have closed the airport in 2008 but it has been reopened after a serious upgrade. The setting are as follows: Time and weather are set as Online Day Weather and Stormy FSX Day weaqther. Due to the runway 02 approach not being programmed into FSX, ignore the ATC vectoring and fly the approach indicated on the GPS and mission pointer. The approach is adapted from the real approach charts.
Posted Feb 23, 2010 16:29 by Robbie Albers
The Most Dangerous Airports: Kai Tak
17.98Mb (15694 downloads)
I have created the next in, The Most Dangerous Airport Mission Series: namely Kai Tak. The missions are a historical nature, both for the airport and the aircraft. The flight is a fictional charter British Airways flight. The Kai Tak airport was rated as the one of the most dangerous airports, due to it's approach, it has a 45 right bank just, before landing on runway 13. The airport was famous for it's approach through, flying through the high raising buildings of Hong Kong, with regular crosswinds, which have created numerous problems for many a pilot. So I decided to put these two together in a mission to be enjoyed as a challenge. I have created the following 4 options: FSX - Day - Stormy weather FSX - Night - Stormy weather Online - Day - weather Online - Night - weather
Posted Feb 17, 2010 15:06 by Robbie Albers
The Most Dangerous Airports: Narsarsauq
2.82Mb (4429 downloads)
I have created the next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Narsarsauq. The airport has a very unique feature, it is hidden inside a fjord and oh yes, most of the time the weather is really bad and during the long winter, the airport is closed. You have to approach from the south west and land on runway 7. You can fly the mission with the default king Air 350 or download the DHC Dash 7, it has a few gauges problems but the 3D cockpit works well.
Posted Feb 2, 2010 13:36 by Robbie Albers
Australian Challenge Part.2 - Maroochydore-Gold Coast
6.13Mb (1044 downloads)
Fly on board a DG808S Glider from Maroochydore to Gold Coast down the Australian East coast. Fly as fast as you can then send your time to English version, french version available on For mor detail contact : mathieu o'hare
Posted Jan 22, 2010 03:38 by Mathieu O'HARE
Haiti Belladere Relief
21.41Mb (5039 downloads)
From the makers of Operation Bible Sweep comes Belladere Relief, a mission that will take you to the heart of Haiti's central highlands delivering essential medical supplies to Belladere, a town suffering from the effects of hurricane Hanna and several other major storms. This mission simulates the type of real life flights that the MAF fly in Haiti. Including satelite imagery for Belladere airport this mission provides an enjoyable exploration into the life of an MAF pilot in Haiti. This mission runs both with and without FSX Acceleration expansion pack. Author Matthew Devenish
Posted Jan 19, 2010 01:32 by Matthew Devenish