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SimMissions Illinois Joy Ride SP2/Acceleration
2.04Mb (1782 downloads)
In this mission you will go out for a simple joy ride in the vast country, or maybe call out for a mayday. SP2/Acceleration only, will not work for other versions.
Posted Oct 11, 2009 22:02 by Michael Jorgensen
Amazonas Air--Episode 5-The Expancion Continues
Amazonas Air--Episode 5-The Expancion Continues
3.30Mb (1555 downloads)
Hi, Amazon River Basin pilots!!!!!!.....New routes have been opened for diligent interprenuer pilots who want to have a share of these. Needed is a good passenger, freight aircraft or a fleet of them!!!!...scenery and adventure are waiting for you.............another "FSAdventureSky" out for the alligators on the runway!!!!! New Towns and airports. I added these so new places could be inhabited by so many .bgl people of the area, all have new landclass. Reis Mondo (SBLX) Palmaira Island (SBKK) Sao Gera (SBHH) Moraira (SBXT) Belo Monte (SBXU)...... Note: This is not a Mission per se....its a free flight adventure. You can fly with any aircraft to any airfield you wish, make your own shuttle service as you wish...
Posted Oct 2, 2009 13:06 by Gera Godoy Canova
The Sacred Ledge..Scenery and Mission
The Sacred Ledge..Scenery and Mission
18.54Mb (3325 downloads)
FSX MISSION...Nepal is a land of wonder, huge mountains where the Lamas chant to their gods. For many years it has been running, in the history classes of many world universities a tale that it is here that the 'child god -Hig Chui- played ball'. The exact place where he did so is very much a secret of the monks of the 'Aerial Divine Wind'....many pilots have tried to find it and never returned. Lukla and Ku-kle, airfields in Nepal known for their very dangerous appraches are 'a joke' compared to the 'ledge's possible landing area'......yes, piloto......the "Ledge" is waiting to greet you with its unhealthy small ball playing field............a very dangerous, outrageous, and incredible place to try to land in icy Nepal. Note: default aircraft is freeware fs9 PERCIVAL PROSPECTOR (WORKS PERFECTLY IN fsx) found at Classic British Files.
Posted Sep 24, 2009 13:12 by Gera Godoy Canova
The Most Dangrous Airports: Barra Island updated
The Most Dangrous Airports: Barra Island updated
3.70Mb (8286 downloads)
This is a mission is another in the most dangreous airports range that I am doing. If you have ever been to Barra Island you will now that the airport is on the beach and only accesible during low tide. I have include a video clip from to illustrated, you will enjoy this mission it is different. PS. Please ignore the previous Barra Mission mission download.
Posted Sep 23, 2009 16:55 by Robbie Albers
Bhutan Mountains Route and Scenery
Bhutan Mountains Route and Scenery
25.92Mb (3168 downloads)
Nepal Airlines Flight in the mountains of Bhutan. This Route is called "The Black Cross Flight" since IETA has classified all the airports in these forgotten mountains as "Extremely Dangerous in good weather", if the weather is bad there is no classification for them!!!!. Pilots on this route usually ask to be transfered after their first flight and they are sent to the easy Lukla run.---Today the flight is late due to engine problems and the weather has deteriorated in the last hour. So you have the flight, it will be late in the evening, luckily for you these airfields do have some lights. Have a nice flight and do not scare the passengers more than they are already...Uses the Premier Aircraft Design DHC6-400:
Available here:
Posted Sep 19, 2009 00:02 by Gera Godoy Canova
SimMissions Challenging Approaches Mission Pack SP2/Acceleration
SimMissions Challenging Approaches Mission Pack SP2/Acceleration
1.96Mb (7943 downloads)
This mission pack includes 3 missions all with Challenging Approaches that will test your piloting skills. SP2/Acceleration Only.
Posted Sep 16, 2009 18:48 by Michael Jorgensen
Mini-Mission--"Gorky Trusky Flight"
Mini-Mission--"Gorky Trusky Flight"
13.37Mb (3620 downloads)
FSadventureSky's Mini-Mission--or "Quicky Flight of the day"... --Flying from Kosice to Tatry is a daily affair for Capt. Gorky Trusky. Each morning he gets up at 5:00 am has his frozen Rouka egg breakfast(?), gets into his moped and drives to the airport. After kicking the tires of the old AN-26 he plays with "piktu" the airport dog , checks on Milia the company secretary then gets into his aircraft's seat to start his daily chore. Today is raining pretty hard and there are many thunderstorms on route.He will not be flying today since he is going fishing at lake Gulyku with Petrosk his boss and partner in drinking habits. So,You are flying today as captain of the flight, with Katrina and Shasha as assistants..
Posted Sep 9, 2009 11:46 by Gera Godoy Canova
Australian challenge / First stage
5.66Mb (1162 downloads)
Hi, There is a new gliding race that can be downloaded freeware from . It's the first stage of new pack call Australian challenge/Gliding across Australia/Perth to Margaret River. The full pack will be released end of september begening of october. The races are in french and english. Mission design by
Posted Sep 8, 2009 09:30 by Mathieu O'HARE
Amazonas Air Episode 4--"The jet era"
Amazonas Air Episode 4--"The jet era"
0.95Mb (7472 downloads)
FSadventureSky Flight...Finally, Amazonas Air joined forces with virtual Gol (use FS9 Gol's 737 available in many places) and they are now flying a test hop to see if it is feasable to continue the route. Fly again in the Amazon jungle with these intrepid pilots who battle bad weather, incredible thunderstorms and mosquitoes. This is the fourth episode of flights in the Amazon basin, not a Boston to New York run!!! no vors here dudes!!. This FSadventureFlight will test your skills flying the 737 to "not to large airfields"!!!! some are regular airports others...well you'll see. Includes two new airfields, a bunch of eyecandy and you can always use these airfields with your preferite aircraft later flyers check yourself in these fields...your girl friend will love you more for it.
Posted Sep 4, 2009 16:39 by Gera Godoy Canova
Phillipines Shuttle
Phillipines Shuttle
9.75Mb (4173 downloads)
A FSX Mission for ship shape airline pilots out of a job. Fly with Olas Air, the newest Shuttle service in the Phillipines. Salary according to your experience and tact with passengers, specially women. You will be checked by Capt. Sireia Blanca, senior pilot of the company, she will really check you out. Important....clean nails are a must if you have any desire to fly these DH8's. Will need for mission...Dash 8-311 Regional airliner from "Five Aircraft Package-European" since Olas is part of Cirrus which is a partner of Lufthansa (Got it?)......file: Have a nice flight.
Required files:
required file
Posted Aug 26, 2009 17:38 by Gera Godoy Canova