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The Most Dangerous Airports: Madeira
The Most Dangerous Airports: Madeira
15.07Mb (23352 downloads)
I have created the next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Madeira. The airport runway has a unique feature, it was lengthed by 1 mile by adding a section build on 70 meters high pillars.
Posted Nov 19, 2009 12:00 by Robbie Albers
6.14Mb (8067 downloads)
I have created the next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Gibraltar. Gibratlar is situated on a Peninsalu on the south east coast of Spain and has several daily flights, it also serves as a air force base. The two interesting features about this airport is the intimidating peer into the sea on the west coast and the main road crossing the runway with a set of traffic light to stop traffic during take-offs and landing.
Posted Nov 15, 2009 15:37 by Robbie Albers
The Most Dangerous Airports: Saba Island
2.57Mb (7665 downloads)
I have created the next in The Most Dangerous Airports Mission Series, namely Saba Island. The Saba Island is close to Princess Juliana and has a extremely short runway, only 800 ft long. You have been chartered by a honeymoon couple to take them to the island for their honeymoon.
Posted Nov 3, 2009 11:06 by Robbie Albers
Sur America Cargo--Episode II
1.02Mb (2526 downloads)
FSAdventureSky 1959 Flight....'CARGO RUN FROM Panama City to Bucaramanga '------The Coast Route of Colombia------Panama City, February 1959 This flight will leave Panama City very early in the morning making its first stop in Cartagena, Colombia. The flight starts at Tocument Airport at 5:30 AM with a full aircraft of Chiquita Bananas as well as Pineapples and Melons. Sometimes the captain will take his wife but not on this trip since the weather is not the best and the plane is quite full. After Cartagena the flight goes on to Barranquilla, where more cargo will be taken and then on to the nearby Santa Marta. After some coffee and chacala cookies on you go to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Lunch for your Co-pilot, Miss Zeri Borsilla and yourself will be served here at the company's lunch room. You then take off to your final destination which is Bucaramanga Colombia..... Weather is so so and remember this is a long flight so do carry some music casettes for some entertainment... Since tomorrow is a free day a 'Bonus' scenery flight is included...just rent a plane and go have a Picnic with your Co-Pilot :):)
Posted Oct 31, 2009 00:08 by Gera Godoy Canova
FSX  Andes Rescue  Mission V2.00
FSX  Andes Rescue  Mission V2.00
39.26Mb (13157 downloads)
An exciting and realistic mission that happened in the Andes in 1972. Fly the Bell UH-1 of the Chilean med-evac in the spectacular and dangerous Andes mountain near the Chilean border, land near the wreck of the Uruguyan air force flight 571, and save the last 8 Christians Rugby Club survivor stranded for 73 days in the mountains. Beware of fog and high mountains in this area and keep a sharp eye! Good luck ! Version 2.00 corrected a little bug in rescue area landing trigger (not alligned correcly on the ground)
Posted Oct 29, 2009 17:41 by Ronald '' Woodylepic '' Da ..
Sabadell / Perpignan 1.01, Glider Race, France
5.13Mb (1254 downloads)
This is the Sabadell to Perpignan in France. New version gliding race. New flight plan. You will have to fly from Sabadell at the north east from Spain to Perpignan in the south of France. You will have to pass the pyrenees mountains. This race is extracted from the pack " Gliding competitions in the Pyrenees" from Mathieu O'HARE
Posted Oct 28, 2009 10:05 by Mathieu O'HARE
Perth/Margaret River , Australia, Air Race1.01
5.67Mb (853 downloads)
This is the last update of the previous Perth to Margaret River. New flight plan. Fly from Perth to Margaret river on the western coast of Australia. This is the first race of the Australian Challenge Part.1. More details if you are interested at Mathieu O'HARE
Posted Oct 28, 2009 09:50 by Mathieu O'HARE
  " German Guerrero's Leave "
1.11Mb (1807 downloads)
FSAdventureSky Flight--Back in 1942, German Guerrero was only 23 and a young Lieutenant in the Peruvian Army. His assigned duty was in the Amazon Jungle of Peru where he served for four years. Every four months he would get a pass for one week to go see his young wife in Lima. He told me many stories of those days, some of awe and some of "high doubts":). German was a great friend and this is an example of the "flights in the Catalina" which he took to return to civilization and embrace his wife for a few days. This is the flight of FAP 559, a Consolidated Catalina, from 667-CER, an army base located in MANU (SPNU) to 778-CER and then on to Lima. Its was in the hight of the "rainy Season" and the pilot flew below the clouds over the jungle and high Andes Mountains under heavy rain all the way. Can you fly it and stand the rigors of it safely? is your chance.
Posted Oct 26, 2009 11:06 by Gera Godoy Canova
The Most Dangerous Airports: Princess Juliana
0.56Mb (6057 downloads)
This is a mission of an historical nature. Both for the route and the aircraft. The flight in an old online flight that I found on a virtual airline website, Air France Virtual. Thank you guys. The Princess Juliana International airport is rated as the number one most dangerous airport, due to it's approached, which is extremely low over the sea. The airport is famous for its short landing strip only 7,152 ft, which is barely enough for heavy jets. For this reason as well it has become a favourite for planespotters. So I decided to put these two together in a mission to be enjoyed as a challenge.
Posted Oct 23, 2009 04:22 by Robbie Albers
RAS Air Race - Tahiti part.1
RAS Air Race - Tahiti part.1
3.30Mb (1203 downloads)
English version of RAS Air Race : Tahiti part.1.Fly on a P51 Mustang over the lovely island of the French islands of Tahiti and Moorea in the French Polynesian. You will have to cross 15 doors as fast as you can. You fuel is limited so take care on you consumption. Mission designer : Mathieu O'Hare
Posted Oct 22, 2009 07:48 by Mathieu O'HARE