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Mystery Object In the Amazon
6.50Mb (4169 downloads)
A strange Glowing object has been seen in a lone airfield deep in the Jungle of the Amazon. You have been hired to fly scientists to take a peek at it and discover what it is, but before you must stop in four out of the way towns to pick up the women helpers (?). This is the same flight which will be flown On-Line on Saturday May 6 at 9:00 PM (EST) and all pilotos are invited-- boiled Iguana will be served near the coke machine at the hot, humid airfield..check for Host ip....
Posted Jun 4, 2009 16:22 by Gera Godoy Canova
Amazonas Air......A flight in the Amazon River Basin
14.37Mb (3706 downloads)
Fly to 8 "New Airfields and Towns" along the Amazon River Basin. To inagurate FSAdventureSky Online Flights this flight will be on GameSpy....Starting on Saturday 23 at 8:00 PM (EST)Name of Session:---"AdventureSky-Amazonas Air"
Posted May 21, 2009 16:19 by Gera Godoy Canova
FSX Mission: The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 3
0.58Mb (5882 downloads)
This is my third attempt in creating a mission. I had great fun in creating it. It is base around the most dangerous airports of the world. This particular one airport is Meribel in the French Alps. Created with FSX Mission Editor by Robbie Albers.
Posted May 2, 2009 16:32 by Robbie Albers
On To Tibet---Landing at Paro__Episode I
On To Tibet---Landing at Paro__Episode I
7.99Mb (3782 downloads)
" Dog weather!!!!, why did I get into this!!!!! I should have stayed with my dog in Bali!!!!! a Tzunami is better than this!!!!"....words spoken by your pilot as she gets nervous and hands the plane to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....--"What?? you cry you give me the darn plane!!!!! what's the matter with you Sonia?? you said you were going to land, woman!!!!!!!....... Yes...this is how the Mission starts as the Beechcraft begins its approach to Paro,, yup.....lousy as the sky of hell!!! and low down in that gully called Paro is your destination.... If you get through Episode I (not a great chance) you then fly out to the forbidden land of good and Budda's finger will be your guide.... "Hang-shi-lu-mai Tsung Tsung", like the old master used to say ( before they had coke!!). Ching-Chu-Gui ---
Posted Apr 14, 2009 16:33 by Gera Godoy Canova
Varadero, Cuba, Crosswind Mission
Varadero, Cuba, Crosswind Mission
6.29Mb (15241 downloads)
Almost ready for your 737 certification, your last flight is a landing on dreadful crosswinds at Varadero, Cuba. And you'll fell yourself some of the infamous weather tricks: downdrafts. You'll need all your skills and more, and quite a bucket of cold blood to finish happily. You'll get your reward if you manage to land on the runway and stay there fully. Contains English and Spanish language.
Posted Apr 10, 2009 15:02 by Jose Enrique Ariño
The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 2
0.82Mb (12672 downloads)
This is my second attempt in creating a mission. I had great fun in creating it. It is base around the most dangerous airports of the world. This particular one airport is Courchevel in the French Alps. Created with FSX Mission Editor by Robbie Albers. Requires the Alps 1 for Scenery files.(above)
Posted Apr 3, 2009 01:19 by Robbie Albers
The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 1
4.20Mb (9193 downloads)
The Most Dangerous Airports: The Alps 1. It is base around the most difficult approaches of the world. This particular one airports is Megeve in the French Alps. This is my first attempt in creating a mission. I had great fun in creating it. Created with FSX Mission Editorby Robbie Albers.
Posted Apr 3, 2009 01:12 by Robbie Albers
Gunateeta Air Shuttle
Gunateeta Air Shuttle
5.51Mb (4151 downloads)
Gunateeta Air Shuttle is owned by Ingur Sing, an old pilot who flew for many years as co-pilot for India Airways. One day he desided to quit the airline and open his own business with an Auster which he bought for 70,000 Rupies of that time. He flew passengers and cargo to many towns with just a grass strip near Bombay for about 10 years. He now owns two DH 104 Doves and is to old to fly them. Thus he hires pilots that have the needed credentials to fly his planes to small towns that have a small airfields but are way out in rugged areas. The regular flight is that which leaves Bombay late in the afternoon, around 4:45PM and flies on to Kurpikang, Majuri, Churpikur and finally stops in ::::::::: where the last passengers disembarc. Here the plane is loaded with flowers and rubber plants that must be flown to Bombay where they will be transfered to the late night Flight to N.Y. by Air India...the flowers must be next day in "Bulby Sing" flower shop in Manhattan---that's Ingur's sister business in America..... So, Piloto you have the flight this evening...get over to the airport fast the plane is ready and passengers are arriving at the terminal in this very minute!!!!!
Posted Mar 31, 2009 12:31 by Gera Godoy Canova
Las Vegas Game
Las Vegas Game
15.83Mb (5975 downloads)
Night Mission in Las Vegas. This mission is also a game: You will have to figure out where to go until you reach your friends' party.If you decipher all hints, you'll find your friends' party and you'll receive your Reward.Your copilot may be Gill Grissom. ENGLISH AND SPANISH VERSIONS IN THE SAME DOWNLOAD.
Posted Feb 28, 2009 06:12 by Jose Enrique Ariño
Islas Express S.A.
Islas Express S.A.
10.93Mb (2577 downloads)
Tiny Courier Air Services abound all over the world, there is one even in Bhutan and another in the Salomons, but the one that concerns us in this Mission, is one in Panama...Late take off from David(MPDA)carrying scuba diving equipment ,picking up a nice lady and taking her to her own island is just one of so many flights. You can fly this one, there is a little rain falling and the humidity is high but the view is just great.....You will need the British Super STOL "Percival Prospector" which you can find here: .. ----it flies great in FSX and has a nice VC.....Now, Piloto! you clear to take off......
Posted Feb 27, 2009 10:29 by Gera Godoy Canova