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Cocoa point mission in a Cessna Grand Caravan
4.39Mb (704 downloads)
Barbuda to Martinique with passengers in a Cessna Grand Caravan with 3 intermediate landings at Antigua, Guadaloupe, and Dominica.
Posted Sep 4, 2017 13:21 by Don Olsson
Six Aircraft in Florida
0.80Mb (582 downloads)
Take off in a Mooney Bravo from Miami Intl airport in Miami, Florida and fly to Key West NAS airport in Key West. Change planes 4 or 5 times with landings along the way. Aircraft used are: Mooney Bravo, King Air, Grumman Goose, Beech Baron, Lear Jet, & maybe the Grand Caravan. Should not require any additional downloads.
Posted Aug 26, 2017 17:22 by Don Olsson
Sunset Rescue
13.48Mb (974 downloads)
Take-off in an Agusta Westland helicopter from a very interesting fictitious Montenegro Resort airport LYDR with a cliff edge threshold to search for a crashed helicopter in a deep mountain ravine and rescue any possible survivors. Another surprise rescue awaits you on your return but you can decide if you wish to carry it out or not. The Westland is a very easy chopper to fly. Flying Realism is set to relaxed and the Crash Behavior set to "User Specified" so you don't have to worry about it ending your mission if you happen to clip a tree or land a bit too hard. Enjoy the beautiful orange Montenegro sunset and the scenery.
Posted Aug 14, 2017 10:35 by Geoff Peel
Alaska to Russia and return
1.79Mb (563 downloads)
Cessna C172SP Skyhawk from Gambell airport , Alaska and fly to Savoonga airport with a intermediate stop in Provideniya Bay, Russia. Feel free to up your sim-rate (4X to 8X?) on the flights until you get a message. Also look for, & check-out, an aircraft carrier on your way... Should not require any additional addons.
Posted Aug 13, 2017 14:27 by Don Olsson
Mission in Juneau, Alaska
1.09Mb (520 downloads)
Take off in a DeHavilland Beaver in water at Hoonah airport and fly to Juneau Intl airport in Juneau. Land on the waterway parallel to the runway. You then have your choice of using either a Hovercraft or a speedboat to continue the mission. 3 small Simviation downloads are required.
Posted Aug 3, 2017 16:19 by Don Olsson
Follow stage 18 of the Tour de France 2017
0.74Mb (476 downloads)
Watched the Tour de France 2017. Stage 18 looked sort of interesting as a possible mission, so that is what I've made. In the actual tour, there are bikes, motorcycles, cars and helicopters used along the route. A map of stage 18 has been provided. I set out points of interest about 10-15 miles apart. The route is in the Alps and is 179.5km (111.5 miles, or about 100nm) long. The final destination is essentially at a mountain top. Take off in an AirCreation Trike Ultralight from Briancon, to St. Crepin airport to Embrun to Le Sauze du Lac to the airport at Barcelonette to Guillostre and land at the high region of Col d' Izoard. Should you prefer to use a helicopter, feel free to change the trike, say, in the FLT file. In any case, Touch & Goes at each point of interest and land at Col d'Izoard. I added crowds at the points of interest. That has required the use of FSX Acceleration or Gold.
Posted Jul 23, 2017 08:35 by Don Olsson
Rescue in Iceland
2.28Mb (659 downloads)
Take off in a Robinson or Bell jet ranger helicopter from Breiddalsvik airport, go to a volcano, locate and pick up a geologist and land at Hornafjordur airport in Hofn. No additional downloads should be required.
Posted Jul 18, 2017 16:15 by Don Olsson
3 Missions in Kentucky
2.56Mb (528 downloads)
Here are 3 missions in Kentucky all involving Bowman Field in the Louisville, KY area. Bowman Field is an early private plane field. (1) Uses a Skyhawk and a firetruck (with a working firehose!) to put out a plane on-fire. (2) Uses an AI Skyhawk to follow in a Skyhawk and a parachute jumper. (3) Is a Skyhawk flight from Louisville, to Frankfort, KY and on to Lexington, KY...maybe! There is a reward in (1), none in (2) or (3) . There are small downloads for (1) & (2). Both available from Simviation.
Posted Jul 10, 2017 16:04 by Don Olsson
0.00Mb (162 downloads)
I have had the Stearman for so long, I thought it was part of the FSX package. The bi-plane used in my mission is: Boeing Stearman U.S. Army Package (Category: FSX > Vintage) Zip file preview 17.35Mb (19135 downloads) This is David Eckert's Boeing Stearman. Modified for FSX .
Posted Jul 5, 2017 07:59 by Don Olsson
Bi-plane flight in Oshkosh, Wisconsin
0.70Mb (303 downloads)
Take off in a Boeing Navy N2S-2 Kaydet from Fun-Air airport in Van Dyne, perform a touch-and-go at Vette Blust, then through 3 hoops and land at Wittman Regl airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The big show in Oshkosh takes place in late July every year. Perhaps 500,000 people and many aircraft show up for it. Note: There is an 8-pack of Oshkosh missions available in Simviation. About 60Mb worth. SEE UPDATE ABOVE
Posted Jul 4, 2017 17:58 by Don Olsson
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