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Easter Island Photoscenery
66.85Mb (913 downloads)
Photoscenery for Easter Island, for fsx. This is a much reworked photo of Easter Island compiled with FSEarthTiles. Actually it is a mix of two different files to remove maximum of clouds, before palette adjustments.
Posted Aug 3, 2014 03:20 by Jean-Marie Guieau
1.57Mb (351 downloads)
Avio Club Rieti (airfield) Aeroclub Rieti airfield in central Italy. For this small airport has attempted to play area with the highest possible realism but, to make the scenery and lighter fluid for FSX elements were used only by default, however the Epron corresponds to reality as well as several car parks, residential area and tower location etc etc..
Posted Aug 2, 2014 12:28 by Voyager
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - Ciudad Bolivar (SVCB) - Venezuela
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - Ciudad Bolivar (SVCB) - Venezuela
84.71Mb (2014 downloads)
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - Ciudad Bolivar (SVCB) - Venezuela The National 'Tomas de Heres' Airport, located in the city of Ciudad Bolivar, to the south of Venezuela, near the Orinoco River. is one of the airports with more domestic and tourist traffic, due to his geographical position Photo-terrain area improved with Autogen files. Only compatible with versions to FSX, P3Dv1.x or P3Dv2.x. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install. By David Maldonado
Posted Jul 28, 2014 03:50 by David Maldonado
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - San Carlos (SVCJ) - Venezuela
61.28Mb (1388 downloads)
The National Airport "Ezequiel Zamora" is an airport located in the city of San Carlos, being the most important of the Cojedes State Recently remodeled which includes the adequacy of the runway for aircraft such as the McDonnell Douglas DC-9, Boeing 737, Airbus A319. Photo-terrain area improved with Autogen files. Only compatible with versions to FSX, P3Dv1.x or P3Dv2.x. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install.
Posted Jul 27, 2014 07:06 by David Maldonado
KICT - Wichita Mid-Continent Airport - Wichita, Kansas - USA
15.49Mb (1114 downloads)
Wichita, Kansas Scenery. This version adds several General Aviation hangars, the UPS Freight Hangar, as well as the Doubletree Hotel. It works and looks best with the Megascenery Kansas package. By Mike Epright
Posted Jul 26, 2014 05:49 by uploader
Taylor Field, Hammondsport, NY
Taylor Field, Hammondsport, NY
9.79Mb (444 downloads)
The airport named Taylor field (on 1970's sectional charts) is a small 1800' strip not shown in the stock FSX list of airports. There is no ICAO code or other designator I could find with extensive research. I used my own code of NY3C. This is a part reality part historic scenery as it represents the modern day airport, the Glenn Curtiss Museum, and adjacent to the Airport a facsimile of the original horse racetrack that was used by Glenn Curtiss to fly his June Bug on July 4th 1908. It is a close As I can determine to the original spot using archival photos and conversations with the Director of the Curtiss Museum, Traff Doherty. Extensive use of new land class is also employed to give a better representation of the geographic area. This will work with FSX stock scenery, but is designed with UTX (Flight One Software) in mind. It will work with ORBX Global and Global Vector as well. With these latter two there may be some missing roads but it won't affect the scenery.
Posted Jul 24, 2014 01:39 by Jon Davidson
Sutton Bank UK for ORBX England
Sutton Bank UK for ORBX England
38.16Mb (752 downloads)
Can also be used with default scenery with limitations. This is a departure for me, away from the Appalachians over the pond to Merry England. Sutton Bank, also known as Roulston Scar, is a hill in the Hambleton District of North Yorkshire in England. It is a high point on the Hambleton Hills and the North York Moors National Park with extensive views over the Vale of York and the Vale of Mowbray. It is also home to the Yorkshire Glider Club on top of the hill. This will be the first of a small series of UK glider fields and WW2 airfields. This is specifically designed to work with ORBX England. It will show nicely on FSX stock scenery BUT the field will be not flat, but very hilly.Also works with ORBX global same caveat. ORBX Global Vector will improve the roads and vector data as will UTX Europe.
Posted Jul 24, 2014 00:57 by Jon Davidson
Mumbai International Airport,  India
Mumbai International Airport,  India
41.69Mb (2602 downloads)
Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport (Mumbai India) has been renovated with the addition of a new terminal and new ATC. This is not a complete version of VABB but unfinished WIP. Still, its fun to fly this scenery.
Posted Jul 20, 2014 12:48 by Ratan Lewis
New Terminal to FSX Default Algiers' Houari Boumediene Airport (DAAG)
0.22Mb (1043 downloads)
That freeware FSX scenery is adding the new terminal in FSX default Algiers' Houari Boumediene airport (DAAG), with some more updates. Comes with a French readme too
Posted Jul 16, 2014 08:54 by G. Guichard
Chile - Mocopulli Airport Update
0.01Mb (232 downloads)
This replaces the files from airport Mocopulli Chile V.12 designed by Juan Lucero. Corrects problem generated by design software in the orientation of the runway. Tested with FSX / Acceleration Pack.
Posted Jul 14, 2014 14:35 by Juan Lucero