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Toba Lake International Airport Indonesia
Toba Lake International Airport Indonesia
0.24Mb (2517 downloads)
Toba Lake International Airport Indonesia version 3
Posted Sep 17, 2011 04:11 by ikhsan ramadhan ritonga
Cornelius-Moore Polk County Airport, Georgia,  4A4
Cornelius-Moore Polk County Airport, Georgia,  4A4
23.92Mb (629 downloads)
Cornelius Moore airport is about 5nm east of Cedartown, Georgia U.S.A. This package was created using Google Earth for reference and photos provided to the author.
Posted Sep 16, 2011 10:53 by Alf Denham
Malaga, Spain, LEMG scenery v.1.1
Malaga, Spain, LEMG scenery v.1.1
0.00Mb (1368 downloads)
Added scenery on the military apron and the 6 helipads that were missing in the default FSX Malaga scenery in Spain. This is my first scenery project so please enjoy!
Posted Sep 15, 2011 13:23 by Haydn Jakes
Paraguana Airport (SVJC),  Venezuela Package
79.54Mb (1942 downloads)
Josefa Camejo International Airport, located in Las Piedras near the city of Punto Fijo, in western Venezuela. This scenery add facilities Amuay refinery, the world's largest. Includes some interesting special effects, like the explosion of a transformer at the airport every hour o'clock and smoke effects in the refinery. With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery in Google Earth. Includes terminal building and hangars with realistic textures from images obtained from Internet. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install.
Posted Sep 12, 2011 14:57 by http://davidmaldonado684.blogspot.com/
Epinal-Dogneville, France
16.57Mb (2034 downloads)
Scenery of Epinal-Dogneville, France, and the airfield LFSE. Photoreal ground with seasonal an night variants, complete landclass re-design of Epinal city: factories, stripmalls, industrial areas... Custom photoreal hangars, animated windsock, static planes, cars, nearest houses in 3D, fuel area, etc. VAC and doc included. Works with FSX and FSXA. By D. Bur
Posted Sep 12, 2011 05:12 by michael litze
LOLS Scharding Suben, Austria
LOLS Scharding Suben, Austria
0.00Mb (704 downloads)
This is the LOLS Scharding Suben scenery in Austria..
Posted Sep 12, 2011 03:11 by archive
World Trade Center - as it was
World Trade Center - as it was
2.63Mb (14229 downloads)
The twin towers, as they where before the September Eleventh attacks on America. 9/11. I Upload this in loving memory of all of the 3,000+ people that died that day.
Posted Sep 8, 2011 03:41 by Ryan Calhoun
2.85Mb (3917 downloads)
1 WTC Approaching the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, 2001, (9/11) the construction of 1 World Trade Center is currently underway. By Andy Johnston.
Posted Sep 7, 2011 08:03 by michael litze
Area 51 Scenery Package
Area 51 Scenery Package
1.95Mb (7388 downloads)
Area 51 Airbase, Nevada. I don't think Area 51 needs explanation. I just say that it's a secret base (the most famous in the world) which operates since the sovietic war (also known as "cold war"). It's located on a protected zone in the Nevada desert. Only authorized personnel allowed. In my work I did the best. I think that it is the most similar project than ever. Try to believe you are there! Anything in this scenery is new: fsx did not a good job with the default, so I started from zero. Now it's full of objects.
Posted Sep 5, 2011 07:36 by Skara Scenery
3rd Runway for Vienna Schwechat Airport
3rd Runway for Vienna Schwechat Airport
0.42Mb (980 downloads)
Today the Vienna Schwechat Airport has two Runways! There is more and more traffic. So the Airport Owner decided to make a extension...
Posted Sep 5, 2011 07:01 by