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Houari Boumediene Airport, Algeria
Houari Boumediene Airport, Algeria
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Houari Boumediene Airport, Algeria DAAG, also known as Algiers Airport, is an international airport serving Algiers, the capital of Algeria. It is located 9.1 NM (16.9 km; 10.5 mi) east southeast[1] of the city.
EPGL GLIWICE Areoclub Airfield, Poland.
EPGL GLIWICE Areoclub Airfield, Poland.
8.15Mb (1348 downloads)
Polish airport scenery belonging to the Aeroclub Gliwice. Status in 2011
Posted Jun 14, 2011 13:04 by Maciej Senik
Wings Field Airport KLOM aka N67 Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Wings Field Airport KLOM aka N67 Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
11.63Mb (830 downloads)
Wings Field Airport is a general aviation airport located in Blue Bell Pennsylvania. Scenery included latest google earth photo scenery, with winter time textures. Autogen placed properly. Taxiways and Aprons depict real world. All scenery objects are custom made, no stock objects present. Static aircraft are included. Enjoy!!
Posted Jun 12, 2011 20:46 by Eric McCloud
FSX/FS2004 RAF Fairford Scenery, UK
FSX/FS2004 RAF Fairford Scenery, UK
5.49Mb (3597 downloads)
RAF Fairford 2009 for FSX by Dave Morgan. Tested on FSX & Accelleration. Held annually each July at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire,, UK the Royal International Air Tattoo, the world's largest military airshow, has gained the well-earned reputation as one of the UK's top outdoor family events
Posted Jun 10, 2011 18:42 by bradley silverthorne
FSX Nice, France, Helicopter Scenery
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Scenery of a mansion, marina and helipad for FSX situated in Nice, France. By Elliot Grubb
Posted Jun 10, 2011 13:53 by Elliot Grubb
Lake of Constance Boat Traffic
0.73Mb (924 downloads)
Some boat and ferry traffic on the lake of Constance, little harbor sceneries. Far from perfect but enhancing your flying experience. Only tested on my sp2 system. If something is missing, please report.
Posted Jun 9, 2011 11:20 by Blaunarwal
Alfs UK Airfields-Volume 22
68.59Mb (1209 downloads)
Alfs UK airfields-Volume 22 As this was a larger than usual project I include only one airfield, Rochester EGTO near Chatham but I also include a photoreal ground object of Chatham Dockyard. In FSX scenery there are still many small airfields in the UK with little or no details. I have tried to improve this in a small way. I do not not aim to make them accurate, only better. This was compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.47. Extra items were produced using Instant Object Maker v1.2 from FlightSimTools.com.
Posted Jun 9, 2011 08:25 by Alf Denham
Fairmont Airport, West Virginia
4.27Mb (2159 downloads)
This is a beautiful rendition of Fairmont Airport in Fairmont WV. Any GA or bush pilot can appreciate this beautiful airport hidden in the mountains of West Virginia.It features the AC Express Flight School Hanger bay and adjacent hangers. Airport includes updated RNWY numbers and taxiway placement, pilots observing the airport, birds flying over head, two lighted base ball stadiums, and an abundance of trees placed one by one around the field! Used accurate satellite imagery for buildings, roads and tree placement! Enjoy and Godbless! David Abreu
Posted Jun 5, 2011 08:11 by uploader
US & Canada Waypoints Cycle 1105
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Cycle 1105. This is an update to the default FSX and FS9 GPS database for waypoints. Included are: Computer Navigation Fixes, NRS waypoints, RNAV waypoints, Airway intersections, VFR waypoints, Coordinate fixes, GPS waypoints, and Reporting points. Updates to this will be posted at http://precisionfsn.tk/
Posted Jun 5, 2011 00:21 by Wilson Malone
FSX Scenery - Higuerote Airport (SVHG), Photo Scenery
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Small regional airport with a runway of 1,200 m. length. Located in Barlovento region near to Higuerote's city, Venezuela. Excellent zone of beach tourism and home to a skydiving school With photo-terrain scenery from satellite imagery in Google Earth. It is not compatible with versions previous to the FSX. This scenery includes terminal building, control tower, hangars with realistic textures. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install By David Maldonado - June 2011
Posted Jun 4, 2011 19:54 by David Maldonado