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Corrected taxi signs at Schiphol Airport (AMS/EHAM), Amsterdam
Corrected taxi signs at Schiphol Airport (AMS/EHAM), Amsterdam
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Schiphol Airport (AMS/EHAM), Amsterdam Corrected taxi signs for FSX. Taxisigns W1 to W10, Taxiway C,D and Y. Just copy AFX_EHAM.BGL to flightsim directory ../Addon Scenery/scenery Run FSX and see what you get. When scenery object are set to more then 'sparse' then trees will be appear on the new taxiways. I could not remove or replace them.
Posted Jun 21, 2009 18:32 by Peter van Dusschoten
LFKA - Albertville, France
0.77Mb (2538 downloads)
Scenery LFKA Albertville V1.0 for FSX Tested with SP2 + UTX Europe + Mesh 38m for FSX. V1.0: Initial version This file adds the Albertville airport in FSX. It was made with ADE (Airport Design Editor) and SbuilderX. Thank you to the respective authors. Albertville is a French commune, located in the department of Savoie and Rhone-Alpes. Located in the heart of the Alps, the town lies on the edge of the Tarentaise, Beaufortain and Val d'Arly in the Combe de Savoie. This location earned him the nickname currently Carrefour des Quatre Vallées. Its geographical position and its strengths mountain enabled the city to host the XVI Olympic Winter Games in 1992. This sporting event the world had known.
Posted Jun 20, 2009 09:51 by Stéphane Gouzon
TVSM- Mustique Island.
TVSM- Mustique Island.
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TVSM- Mustique Island. Tiny Mustique, just three miles wide and one mile long, is about as peaceful as Caribbean islands get. While Mustique is one of the 'Grenadines' of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it is actually administered separately by a private company whose mandate it is to protect the environment and the tranquil nature of Mustique. VFR only as there is no radio navigation. I have developped the apron and parking lot. It can welcome up to 5 Aircrafts at the time. Single engine type only! Daniel Louvet
Posted Jun 19, 2009 05:41 by Daniel Louvet
Charleston AFB SC
0.49Mb (3720 downloads)
Adds a bit more realism to Charleston AFB/International including static C-17s and B-52's as well as Heli-Pads. Also adds Ships to Ports as well as a Coast Guard Cutter assisting a sinking yacht just off shore. Adds the familiar USS Yorktown to Charleston Harbor. Yorktown is hard deck but no catapults.
Posted Jun 18, 2009 21:39 by FATSHARK
Resized/Reworked Autogen Textures for FSX ONLY
7.43Mb (3808 downloads)
I have resized and reworked all the files included in this zip file mainly because I was unable to fly using any "Autogen" what so ever. As a result of the work I have done of these files I can now use my Autogen which I have set at 60% and have also gained 6fps on my Test Computer.
Posted Jun 16, 2009 07:11 by Ian Thatcher
VNF Tustin MCAS V1
VNF Tustin MCAS V1
0.01Mb (1135 downloads)
Tustin KNTK fictional carrier ops base made by the Virtual Naval Forces.
Posted Jun 13, 2009 13:46 by Victor Azar
FSX  ZFDS B.N. Islander, AFCAD,and Flightplans Package
FSX  ZFDS B.N. Islander, AFCAD,and Flightplans Package
14.84Mb (940 downloads)
Zambia Flying Doctor Service, - A.I. BN 2B Islander and Flyable BN 2B Islander, 15 Medical airstrips in Zambia[AFCADS],and Flightplans Package
Posted Jun 12, 2009 23:24 by Bashir ismail
VNF Tustin MCAS Beta version
VNF Tustin MCAS Beta version
0.00Mb (746 downloads)
Fictional Carrier ops training base. Beta version.
Posted Jun 8, 2009 16:27 by Victor Azar
Perth, Langley Park, Western Australia
11.60Mb (2357 downloads)
YPLP, Perth, Langley Park, Western Australia and all required textures and library. This is the site of the original 1919 landing area and is now used for the Red Bull Air Race. Includes photoreal ground and a combination of specially developed and generic local buildings for Perth City to enhance the FSX default. Totally created with freeware by Alan Blencowe.
Posted Jun 8, 2009 13:26 by Alan Blencowe
Redlands X Airport, California
Redlands X Airport, California
37.31Mb (1862 downloads)
Redlands Municipal Airport - L12 (Now KREI) - Redlands , California The scenery has been redesigned with photo-real ground polygons, objects, and aerial imagery. Textures were created from actual photographs taken of the tarmac and other surfaces at the airport.
Posted Jun 6, 2009 19:30 by Kobbe Farwick