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Patch 130 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic
Patch 130 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic
8.08Mb (4448 downloads)
This is a small patch for four of the AI ship models included in "130 AI ships and AI Ship Traffic". It corrects two texture issues on two ships and two minor modelling issues on two other ships. The ships in this package are complete, so they can also be used for creating your own AI ship traffic, but this package does not include any AI routes. You can find appropriate AI traffic files for these ships in "130 AI ships and AI Ship traffic". Most models included have hard surface helipads.
Required files:
required file
Posted May 9, 2014 12:55 by Henrik Nielsen
Spangdahlem USAF Airbase, Germany
Spangdahlem USAF Airbase, Germany
32.98Mb (1780 downloads)
Spangdahlem Airbase. Spangdahlem Air Base is a United States Air Force base located in Germany. Home of the 52nd Fighter Wing. The 52nd FW maintains, deploys and employs F-16 "480th FS" and TPS-75 radar systems "606th Air Control Squadron" in support of NATO and the national defense directives. Features in this version: -Apron flood lightning -Shelter lightning -over 100 custom buildings -Accurat AFCAD -Taxiway signs on accurate places -Roads on and around the base -Accurate Parking Spots with real Shelter Numbers. Scenery created by Felix Gradtke
Posted May 7, 2014 13:29 by Nicolas Neveu
0.00Mb (139 downloads)
The scenery for Chesapeake Charter VA. Runway 14 has been extended, as we used to have a CRJ. Also new parking and buildings and other small improvements.
Posted May 5, 2014 08:18 by Layman96
Alfs UK airfields Vol.28 Panshanger EGLG
Alfs UK airfields Vol.28 Panshanger EGLG
9.43Mb (877 downloads)
Vol.28 is Panshanger EGLG. Situated on Eastern edge of Welwyn Garden City it was opened as a Flight Training School in WW2. Relinquished by the RAF in 1953 and used by De Havilland for a while, it is now operated by North London Flying School.
Posted May 5, 2014 06:33 by Alf Denham
Augsburg Regional Airport: 2003, Germany, uptate 1
Augsburg Regional Airport: 2003, Germany, uptate 1
14.12Mb (513 downloads)
New runway and high resolution apron textures for Augsburg airport in Germany. requires Augsburg Regional Airport: 2003 package installed. Check out the images in the zipfile preview to get an overview about the changes.
Required files:
required file
Posted May 4, 2014 12:10 by dave_h
Kaposujlak Airport, Hungary
0.01Mb (466 downloads)
Kaposujlak is a small airport in Hungary near Kaposvar. Used for light aircraft and air sports such as skydiving.
Posted May 3, 2014 11:38 by Balint Novak
Skrydstrup/Vojens Lufthavn (EKSP, SKS), Denmark.
35.46Mb (726 downloads)
EKSP Skrydstrup scenery, version 1.0, for Microsoft Flight Simulator X FW Skrydstrup/Vojens Lufthavn (EKSP, SKS) in southern Jutland is the home of the Danish F-16's. This scenery covers the entire air base area, complete with detailed airport layout, a great number of stock and custom 3-D objects, lots of autogen vegetation and an 80cm/pixel ortophoto ground map. Improvements over stock FSX scenery include renumbered runways, realistic taxi and parking layout, updated and added navaids, updated instrument approaches, and the "new" runway 10L ILS. Extensive PDF documentation, including charts, included.
Posted May 3, 2014 08:42 by admin
Gulfport-Biloxi International  Mississippi
Gulfport-Biloxi International  Mississippi
5.52Mb (924 downloads)
Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, Mississippi. Gulfport is a joint civil-military public use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) northeast of Gulfport, Mississippi.
Posted May 1, 2014 11:38 by uploader
Vagar Airport, Faroe Islands
34.60Mb (1881 downloads)
Vagar Airport. Vagar Airport is the only airport in the Faroe Islands, Northern Atlantic. This is the freeware version of Vagar Airport made by Azurafiles. Payware quality but made freeware for you. Product features custom ground, accurate models, photoreal textures from the real airport, accurate parking lines, accurate apron lines, FPS friendly. By Azurafiles.
Posted Apr 28, 2014 14:30 by vagar
FSX Monaco Heliport
0.23Mb (1166 downloads)
FSX scenery adding the Monaco heliport to the Monaco Principalty. Complete with coms. Comes with a French readme too
Posted Apr 28, 2014 08:09 by G. Guichard