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San Diego Buildings Edition 1
San Diego Buildings Edition 1
398.83Mb (2470 downloads)
FSX Scenery includes buildings for the downtown, Balboa Park, and Little Italy areas. Designed for use with Megascenery. Tested with Glenn Johnson's KSAN. By Brian N. Winton
Posted Nov 29, 2012 11:09 by uploader
Pease AFB Package ver 3.0 (fixed)
Pease AFB Package ver 3.0 (fixed)
24.67Mb (1987 downloads)
This is Pease AFB, NH. as it was in the late '70s when it was the 509th Strategic Air Command base. Aircraft stationed at Pease AFB were the FB-111A mach 2+ swing-wing bombers, KC-135 refueling tankers and the T-37 trainers. New for version 3.0 *New AI FB-111A aircraft now take-off with the wings forward. When parked and engines are off the elevons droop and the ladders & remove before flight flags appear. Other features include afterburners, working spoiler brakes and a custom repaint for Pease AFB scenery *Improved frame rates Other features included in this scenery package are: *Parking spots for Military Combat and Cargo aircraft. *Ground support equipment and vehicles *AI FB-111A , KC-135, and T-37 aircraft and flight plans *AI FB-111A's that ATC addresses by tail number. *Custom Textures and for each AI FB-111A *Custom created static FB-111A and KC-135 aircraft *Custom buildings included Hangers, Control Tower and Alert Bunker *Hangers and tower have night lighting and static aircraft with night textures. *Alert Area with shelters and static FB-111A with SRAMs and KC-135 aircraft *Custom signs and flags. *Individual add on transient aircraft and flight plan packages to save frame rates *AI fighter aircraft have afterburners *Pole mounted lights illuminate flightline. Previous version had 3728 downloads.
Posted Nov 23, 2012 11:57 by Steve Hess and Guy Diotte
Simply Scenery Nogales (KOLS) FSX
2.96Mb (457 downloads)
Improved Nogales Scenery for Nogales, Arizona, USA
Posted Nov 23, 2012 11:54 by Andrew Johnson
Iwo Jima Photoreal Scenery
Iwo Jima Photoreal Scenery
191.40Mb (3712 downloads)
Iwo Jima Photoreal Scenery. Iwo Jima is a Japanese volcanic island. This is Photo real as it is today or as it was when the photo was taken (10-17-2011). The airport is IwoJima Aero (RJAW). This is my first freeware release and therefore it may have some less then perfect attrubutes. Also the photo was full of clouds and was less then steller. Still it was fun to make and I think looks a whole lot better than default. There is no autogen included but I might add it later. I have added only minimal objects at this time. Danny R McMullan
Posted Nov 22, 2012 05:53 by Danny R McMullan
Germany - EDKL - Leverkusen
3.29Mb (1413 downloads)
GERMANY - EDKL (Leverkusen-Kurtekotten) Version 0.4 This is the first airfield, that I've created with Airport Design Editor (ADE) of Jon Masterson. I've tried to do the joby as close as possible to reality. Nevertheless, I'm mainly using standard FSX library objects, so that the exact look, the colour of buildings and other objects will differ. In the archive you'll find some aerial photos of the real airfield, so that you can give yourself your own impression of how well the work has succeeded. - - - !! Important: In order to function properly, this scenery necessarily needs a free, third-party library, which you have to install too !! If you don't install this library, most of the objects of the scenery will NOT BE DISPLAYED !!! You can download this free library at: Scroll down a little bit and klick on "Download FlightPort-Gmx-Lib 4.2.7" I have the permission of the library designers to use this fine stuff...:-)
Posted Nov 22, 2012 00:32 by Dirk Cremer
Rock Sound - The Bahamas (MYER)
Rock Sound - The Bahamas (MYER)
1.19Mb (1050 downloads)
Rock Sound - The Bahamas (MYER) This scenery includes rework of the runway, taxiways, aprons and parking; custom scenery objects; placement of library objects and landclass changes. It is based on Google Earth imagery and photos taken by Harrington Mallory. By: Art Poole
Posted Nov 21, 2012 15:42 by art poole
Fricktal Schupfart LSZI, Switzerland
1.74Mb (932 downloads)
Scenery Fricktal Schupfart LSZI for FSX The Scenery is located in the hills of the eastern Jura in Switzerland near Basel. The airport is placed with images of googlemap and skyguide chart.
Posted Nov 20, 2012 04:59 by uploader
Raron LSMN/LSTA, Switzerland
3.88Mb (2156 downloads)
Scenery Raron LSMN/LSTA for FSX The Scenery is located in the valley of Valais in Switzerland. The airport is placed with images of googlemap, skyguide and ourairport. Full Runway made usable, sorry for the fictional scenery, but wanted to make it usable with jets.
Posted Nov 20, 2012 04:57 by uploader
 Raron LSTS, Switzerland
0.49Mb (895 downloads)
Scenery Raron LSTS for FSX. The Scenery is located in the Obersimmental in the Bernese Alps Switzerland. The runway is only opened for the Hunters and Oldtimers once a year.
Posted Nov 20, 2012 04:53 by uploader
0.01Mb (671 downloads)
For those of you who are using accurate terrain mesh this is a fix for Cali airport in Colombia. FSX has the airport about 800 feet lower than it should be. So if you use terrain mesh it looks like the airport is in a giant sinkhole. This fixes that plus I've added the terminal and the correct number of gates, so it looks better than the default.
Posted Nov 12, 2012 12:45 by archive