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Bluffs Municipal Airfield, Iowa 2011
Bluffs Municipal Airfield, Iowa 2011
3.60Mb (529 downloads)
KCBF - Bluffs Municipal Airfield 2011. Bluffs Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport located 4 miles east of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Modeled after Google Earth images. All ILS, GPS, and VOR approaches are real world. With AI traffic. All scenery objects are FSX default library's, except for the apron lights.
Posted Oct 29, 2011 12:19 by T. Marson
Eagle Island Airport (PEIR), Alaska V 2.0
Eagle Island Airport (PEIR), Alaska V 2.0
0.01Mb (410 downloads)
PEIR is a fictional airport near Nome Alaska. This is only the first version, but it has the functions of any international airport, including: -A fully functional ATC with specific Approach, Departure, Ground, and ATIS frequencies. -Both runways have ILS. -The longest runway 19R/01L (15000ft) has a GPS approach. -Two fuel parking spaces -Two working fuel trucks for all the GA parking spaces and all the gates east of runway 19R/01L -PAPI glide slope indicators for all runways. -Working jetways for all gates east of runway 19r/01L. I added a third runway reconfigured the gate names, taxi paths and the heli parking area.
Posted Oct 28, 2011 20:04 by George Smith
Area X - Secret Antarctica Military Base V1.5
Area X - Secret Antarctica Military Base V1.5
0.31Mb (1769 downloads)
Area x (ICOA: X1NL)is a secret military air base, 2 miles under the ice-layer of Antarctica. Designed by: Joeri Veenhuizen. Previous version had 865 downloads
Posted Oct 26, 2011 04:53 by Joeri Veenhuizen
Cape Town International
0.95Mb (1148 downloads)
Bigger fictional Cape Town International Airport with more gates including the A380 and cargo.Created with ADEX for FSX. Working jetways. Not real-world
Posted Oct 25, 2011 11:03 by Martin Ferreira
FSX Photoreal Alternative Grass & Taxiway textures
FSX Photoreal Alternative Grass & Taxiway textures
5.27Mb (6637 downloads)
FSX Photoreal Alternative Grass ,Stone ,Sidewalk & Asphalt textures. Are you tired of looking at the Simulators Paint like grass and Taxiways? Well here are some Photoreal Textures that you will be proud off. Beleive me this is way better than most textures that you have to buy, and its Free.... 1) taxi_brick this is an exelend alternative for paved sidewalks with redish contoured tiles 2) taxi_coral Also for sidewalk or roads with stone pavement. 3) taxi_grass_sp To replace the spring grass and looks like it sould ( not like green paint) 4) taxi_gravel Another photoreal Asphalt pavement for roads and taxiways 5) taxi_shale Also for road and taxiway use if you want that fresh dark asphalt look. Copy these 5 files to the Flight Simulator X Main Texture File and you are done! If you want you can change the names in to any other textures you want to use use ex:(asphalt textures) For Scenery builders ......Just change in AFX or Airport the taxiways you want to replace and remember the names of the files so you can assign them... Complete package by Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas
Posted Oct 22, 2011 20:35 by YIANNIS KATEHIS TSETSAS
 Huntsville International Airport-Carl T. Jones Field (KHSV), Al
 Huntsville International Airport-Carl T. Jones Field (KHSV), Al
2.29Mb (1097 downloads)
Huntsville, AL - Huntsville International Airport-Carl T. Jones Field (KHSV) The terminal has been modeled with latest known revisions, and airline gate assignments are as in real life. Generic floating buildings have been replaced with custom and library objects. Includes landclass changes, roads, rework of runways, taxiways, aprons and parking, and placement of library objects . Scenery in this package is based on Virtual Earth (Bing) and Google Earth imagery. By: Art Poole
Posted Oct 22, 2011 13:17 by Art Poole
ETAR Ramstein Airbase, Germany
4.22Mb (5202 downloads)
ETAR Ramstein military airport, Germany. Plus enhanced senery for ETEK, ETIP and ETIY. Ramstein Air Base[1] is a United States Air Force (USAF) base in the German state of Rheinland-Pfalz. It serves as headquarters for the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) and is also a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) installation. Ramstein is located near the town of Ramstein, in the rural district of Kaiserslautern, Germany. The scenery was designed using Airport Design Editor 9_147 and standard objects from FSX and other freeware. See PDF files for more details. By Michael Spengler
Posted Oct 21, 2011 05:12 by uploader
LFGW Verdun-Le Rozelier (France) Photoreal
7.87Mb (1264 downloads)
Scenery of LFGW Verdun-Le Rozelier (France) Photoreal ground with seasonal an night variants, landclass adds the nearest city Verdun and its surrounding forests. Airfield has 2 parallel runways, asphalt and grass. Custom hangars, animated windsock, static planes, cars, nearest industries and barns, petrol station and restaurants along the freeway as well. VAC and doc included. Works with FSX and FSXA. By D. Bur
Posted Oct 21, 2011 05:07 by D. Bur
CFB North Star Detail Modification Patch (version 7.1)
1.67Mb (819 downloads)
CFB North Star detail modification patch (version 7.1) for FSX. Requires Provides additional opened hangars with interior detail, as well as reworked microwave towers. FREEWARE by Brian Sturton.
Required files:
required file
Posted Oct 14, 2011 13:45 by Brian Sturton
Area 51 and S4 Photoreal Scenery Package
Area 51 and S4 Photoreal Scenery Package
54.48Mb (5848 downloads)
Area S4 is part of the famous 'Area 51' United States military base located in Nevada. S4 or 'section 4' is thought to be an experimental aircraft testing facility consisting of a series of hangars. It was made famous when alleged ex-Area 51 employee Bob Lazar claimed to have worked there and that it was housing a number of extraterrestrial craft.This was the inspiration for this file
Posted Oct 10, 2011 14:36 by Jim Abbey