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Jacksonville International Airport KJAX, Florida
Jacksonville International Airport KJAX, Florida
9.81Mb (899 downloads)
Jacksonville International Airport is a Class C airport in Jacksonville Florida. It's the primary airport with Airline service in Jacksonville. Jacksonville itself is the largest city in the US continuous 48 when measured by land area. Over the past 10 years it has seen extensive renovations making the default very different from reality. Art Poole updated the airport adding the New Terminal, and various custom made buildings. But its been some years since Art's scenery and the airport has seen even more construction. This scenery will update Art Poole's scenery to the airports current state. This scenery is self contained and requires no additional downloads. Special features includes a custom AFCAD, extensive use of GP objects, Updated Instrument approaches (Including RNAV-Y Approaches), Custom Lighting, And several other features. Updated by CountryFlyboy
Posted Jul 12, 2016 14:53 by CountryFlyboy
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - Santa Barbara del Zulia-SVSZ, Venezuela package
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - Santa Barbara del Zulia-SVSZ, Venezuela package
58.42Mb (860 downloads)
FSX/Prepar3D Scenery - Santa Barbara del Zulia-SVSZ The "Miguel Urdaneta Fernandez" National Airport serves the cattle town of Santa Barbara del Zulia, located south of Lake Maracaibo in Zulia state. Serves air link between South Lake region and the capital of Zulia state, Maracaibo. Photo-terrain area improved with Autogen files. Only compatible with versions to FSX or P3Dv1v2v3.x. Also includes a friendly Auto-Install. By David Maldonado
Posted Jul 10, 2016 11:42 by David Maldonado
FSX-Photoreal LIBN Lecce Galatina Mil, Puglia, Italy
FSX-Photoreal LIBN Lecce Galatina Mil, Puglia, Italy
146.85Mb (2366 downloads)
The Galatina Military airport is located in the province of Lecce in Southern Italy in the Puglia region. The Lecce Galatina Military scenery (LIBN) Optimized for FSX-Acceleration with UTX Europe and FTX-Orbx Global with related Orbx-lib libraries. In the absence of additional addons above the scenic area surrounding the airport could be different in relation to the content in this screenshot package and always in relation to personal FSX configurations.
Posted Jul 5, 2016 04:18 by Voyager
SALN Aeroclub Lincoln, Argentina (X-wind Runways)
SALN Aeroclub Lincoln, Argentina (X-wind Runways)
3.84Mb (182 downloads)
Aeroclub Municipal de Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Enhancements to the AFCAD at SALN, to make both runways active. A traffic file is also included. TEN Default aircraft are used, to ensure that everybody can see the AI planes. But IF you know how to modify the traffic file, you can select other AI aircraft to replace the default ones here.
Posted Jun 27, 2016 10:02 by Ronald Falzon
Steeple Morden RAF/USAAF Airfield, UK
84.15Mb (370 downloads)
Steeple Morden RAF/USAAF Airfield for FSX. This FSX scenery package is for Former RAF Steeple Morden, USAAF Station No. 122. It includes the main airfield and 14 of the outlying sites that housed all of the inhabitants. Terry Flemming and Gary Gentry
Posted Jun 26, 2016 03:34 by uploader
FSX/P3D EPRU - Czestochowa/Rudniki Airport, Poland
1.61Mb (444 downloads)
Landing Cz, Stochowa-Rudniki (IATA airport code: CZW, airport code ICAO: EPRU) - post-military airport near Rudnik, Poland, lying at a distance of approx. 16 km from the center of Czestochowa in the north-east at the national road No. 1 Gdańsk-Cieszyn, now private property. Landing admitted to flight operations performed by airplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes, gliders, paragliders, paragliders drive, powered gliders, parachutes in accordance with the visual flight VFR day and night aircraft with a total take-off weight (MTOW) up to 5700 kg.
Posted Jun 24, 2016 06:56 by Captain X
EKAV Avnoe RDAF Flight School, Denmark, vol. 2.0
EKAV Avnoe RDAF Flight School, Denmark, vol. 2.0
9.19Mb (365 downloads)
This is my second edition of making the former Airbase for Danish Airforce Flight School situated at the south coast of Sealand. I have now made most of the buildings myself together with other objects. Hope You will like it.
Posted Jun 14, 2016 17:37 by Otto R. Knudsen
FSX/FSX:SE /P3D  UltiMax Cancun, Mexico
FSX/FSX:SE /P3D  UltiMax Cancun, Mexico
23.42Mb (2548 downloads)
FSX/P3D/FSX:SE Scenery--SE Cancun Airport (UltiMax). A brand new release, this time of Cancun international airport (MMUN) in Mexico. New features include: updated layout to include new runway; all parking; updated landclass, added city, golf courses, etc.; full AI compatibility; full ATC compatibility; animated jetways; automatic installer; full taxi signs; full runway lighting; hundreds of custom placed objects; static/animated ground vehicles; new HD static aircraft; 'back of airport' car parks, etc.; new control tower, using a generic object; new terminal layout; new lighting. Barely an impact on FPS. By UltiMax FSX Sceneries.
Posted Jun 12, 2016 14:36 by UltiMax FSX Sceneries
Solliere-Sardiere Aerodrome, Savoie, France
1.97Mb (563 downloads)
Scene of The aerodrome of Solliere-Sardiere, LFKD, at the top the valley of Maurienne in Savoie, France - forgotten in FSX. Corrected the location with SBuilderX, scene creeted with ADE, buildings with Sketchup. I have also added some objects. This scenery have been tested to work under FTX, Global Vector and UTX. Kozerawski
Posted Jun 11, 2016 22:30 by uploader
KDBQ Dubuque Regional Airport new terminal
KDBQ Dubuque Regional Airport new terminal
13.86Mb (221 downloads)
Dubuque Regional Airport, KDBQ, Iowa with the new terminal. ADE files, addon scenery folder and installation instructions are all in the zip file.
Posted Jun 11, 2016 11:19 by Edgar Miller