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RAF Harwell, UK, 1944
RAF Harwell, UK, 1944
0.63Mb (203 downloads)
RAF Harwell is a former Royal Air Force station in former Berkshire, near the village of Harwell, located 4.8 miles (7.7 km) south east of Wantage, Oxfordshire and 17 miles (27 km) north west of Reading. The bulk of the Station lay within Chilton parish; about a third was in East Hendred; and the smallest portion was in Harwell. The first Commanding Officer, upon being asked what the name of the new airfield should be, responded that it should be named after the parish in which his house lay and this happened to be Harwell.
Posted Apr 26, 2016 08:35 by Terry Boissel
RAF Keevil, UK, 1944
RAF Keevil, UK, 1944
0.02Mb (268 downloads)
RAF Keevil (ICAO X2KV) is a former Royal Air Force station located 4 miles (6.4 km) east of Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England. The airfield was built on a site previously ear-marked for the purpose in the mid-1930s. Consisting of 3 long concrete runways the airfield was used by the Royal Air Force and the United States Eighth and Ninth Air Forces. In March 1944, No's 196 and 299 Squadron Short Stirling glider tugs of No. 38 Group RAF arrived followed by a large number of Horsa gliders, crewed by Army pilots of the Glider Pilot Regiment. The RAF Stirling aircraft were crewed by RAF, RCAF, RAAF, RNZAF and SAAF personnel and were engaged in SOE and SAS drops. largely in France, and in glider towing. Their involvement in the Normandy invasion of France and Operation Market-Garden is well remembered by Keevil and Steeple Ashton villagers. Casualties of army and air force personnel were heavy and a number of aircraft were lost.
Posted Apr 24, 2016 13:57 by T K Boissel
Port Columbus International Airport, KCMH, Ohio
149.00Mb (1276 downloads)
FSX Port Columbus International Airport (KCMH) Port Columbus International Airport is located 6 miles east of downtown Columbus, Ohio, USA. KCMH is the largest passenger airport in central Ohio and second busiest in the state after Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Modeled in version 1.00 is an updated AFCAD airport layout, custom-made terminal building, and surrounding facilities. By Matthew Derr.
Posted Apr 24, 2016 09:43 by uploader
LJCE Cerklje,  Slovenia
2.56Mb (774 downloads)
Small airport in Slovenia, close to Croatia. Just copy content of LJCE folder into your Addon Scenery folder in FSX or P3D. It uses standard FSX object libraries. It looks best with ORBX FTX Global, as you can see on screeenshots.
Posted Apr 23, 2016 08:50 by Zeli
RAF Tarrant Rushton, UK, 1944
RAF Tarrant Rushton, UK, 1944
1.18Mb (268 downloads)
RAF Tarrant Rushton was a Royal Air Force station near the village of Tarrant Rushton east of Blandford Forum in Dorset, England from 1943 to 1947. It was used for glider operations during World War II and later revived for civilian operations. It is currently disused, though some buildings survive. Horsa gliders from Tarrant Rushton left for France on the eve of D-Day, to begin Operation Tonga with an action that would later become known as Pegasus Bridge. Among the glider pilots was Jim Wallwork, on a Horsa nicknamed Lady Irene. The Tarrant Rushton gliders landed in occupied France shortly after midnight. Wallwork's aircraft was the first to touch down, but it landed heavily: the force of the impact catapulted both Wallwork and his co-pilot John Ainsworth through the front of the cockpit. Although stunned, this made them the first Allied troops to touch French soil on D-Day. Other gliders were later flown from the airfield to Arnhem to take part in Operation Market Garden. During the closing stages of WWII, aircraft were used for SOE operations.
Posted Apr 22, 2016 10:45 by Terry Boissel
FSX Montagnana Airfield, Italy, scenery
FSX Montagnana Airfield, Italy, scenery
29.77Mb (303 downloads)
Scenery for the airfield of Montagnana (LI40) in the north of Italy.
Posted Apr 21, 2016 12:47 by Carlo Boninsegna
FSX-Photoreal LIAU Capua Airfield, Caserta, Campania, Italy
FSX-Photoreal LIAU Capua Airfield, Caserta, Campania, Italy
65.61Mb (1728 downloads)
Scenarios of Capua (LIAU) optimized for UTX Europe and Orbx-Global-Vector In the absence of additional addons above the scenic area surrounding the airport might be different in relation to screenshots included in this package: Example: The Volturno river that runs through the region is made visivile with addons Additional above mentioned and always in relation to configurations.
Posted Apr 20, 2016 17:10 by Voyager
RAF Manston, UK, 1944
RAF Manston, UK, 1944
1.70Mb (348 downloads)
RAF Manston (ICAO EGMH) was an RAF station in the north-east of Kent, on the Isle of Thanet from 1916 until 1996. The site is now split between a commercial airport Kent International Airport (KIA) and a continuing military use by the Defence Fire Training and Development Centre (DFTDC), following on from a long-standing training facility for RAF firefighters at the Manston base. I have represented the station as it was in 1944 leading up to its part in Operation Market garden and D Day. It was one of the few airfields installed with the Fog Investigation Dispersal Organisation (FIDO) system designed to remove fog from airfields by burning it off with petrol and I have represented this with the 8 fuel tanks at the 29 end of the main runway. I have laid the station out roughly according to an old map made in the mid 40s but I make no claims to the accuracy of the building I have used.
Posted Apr 20, 2016 05:45 by Terry Boissel
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, KSEA updated
0.23Mb (496 downloads)
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, KSEA updated scenery. FAA airport diagram can be used for navigation. Note: RWY34L/16R ILS approach only. otherwise use visual.
Posted Apr 19, 2016 14:35 by Austin Dunbar
FSX/P3D Allan Island, WA
FSX/P3D Allan Island, WA
149.13Mb (1003 downloads)
Located just a minute flight from FTX/ORBX's 74S Anacortes airport, (and actually covered in their scenery) Allan Island is a small 292-acre private island which received its name during the 1841 Wilkes expedition in honor of Lt. William Henry Allen, who was killed while commanding the USS Argus during the War of 1812. Allan Island is part of the San Juan Island Chain. Allan Island features an array of new objects and techniques which we have never used before in our development. This island is coated in a beautiful set of 30cm/px photoreal textures which will make you feel right at home in the PNW. For the first time ever, we have fully deployed an extremely high resolution digital elevation model, covering Allan and neighboring Burrows and Young Island in 2m/px resolution. An outstanding achievement. Following these two combinations, Allan Island is also host for a brand new set of object libraries that arrived in the latest Emerald Object Library v2.0 build. The highlights of these models being the brand new 55 gallon fuel drums and slick traffic cones. Allan Island features a new take on our previous ground vegetation outtakes. We have deployed a new feature covering the entire runway it shorter 3D grass. This feature has turned out extremely nice so far, but may be a performance hog on slower systems. (Midrange is open for debate) Allan Island also features a nifty control panel in which you can easily deactivate features in the scenery, as well as swap the summer 3D grass for icy winter style grass. Developed by Chris Britton of Emerald Scenery Design.
Posted Apr 18, 2016 18:41 by Emerald Scenery Design