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FSX/P3D Airbus A321NEO JetBlue Package
FSX/P3D Airbus A321NEO JetBlue Package (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
78.93Mb (692 downloads)
FSX/P3D Airbus A321NEO JetBlue Package. JetBlue is the USA's 6th largest airline and based in New York and currently has 21 Airbus A321neo with a further 38 on order. Jetblue serves flights mainly in the USA, as well as the Caribbean, South America and Europe. Model by Project Airbus with NEO engine mod by Bret Herman. Updated VC by Speedbird77 with built in FMC by Garret Smith. Includes A320 operation manual and checklist. PW sounds included. Textured, assembled for P3D v5.4 by Chris Evans. Should work in FSX and other P3D
Posted Jan 14, 2024 14:32 by chris evans
FSX Package BAC TSR-2 Tactical Supersonic Bomber
28.81Mb (437 downloads)
FSX (Accelleration) Package BAC TSR-2 Tactical super sonic bomber from 1964. This was high sophisticated fast bomber proposed to carry nuclear bombs. A bit comparable to the US F-111 but with fixed instead of sweepable wings. My package comes in the white color of the prototype but one of my version carries four droptanks and another has two droptanks and six missiles (2 are animated). Since only two prototypes were buildt I have chosen the payloads fictional. The models comes with 2D-panel and VC-panels for the pilot and the RSO. The models should run probably in FS2004 and also in P3dV3 but this is not tested. FSDS 3.5 model made by Erwin Welker
Posted Jan 13, 2024 04:41 by Erwin Welker
P3D/FSX Boeing 747-8i Air China package  v2
P3D/FSX Boeing 747-8i Air China package v2 (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
59.59Mb (329 downloads)
P3D/FSX Boeing 747-8i Air China package v2. China's flag carrier airline is based in Beijing and currently have 7 Boeing 747-8i in operation with destinations worldwide. Added 747 sounds, edited views, panel. Thank you to Project Opensky/Skyspirit/TDS for their fantastic contribution to the worldwide flight simulation community. Also includes the Boeing 747 VC textures upgrade. Added wing views. Textured and assembled for P3D v5.4 by Chris Evans. Should also work in FSX and previous P3D versions.
Posted Jan 20, 2024 16:29 by chris evans
FSX/P3D Lockheed L1011-100 4K Package
FSX/P3D Lockheed L1011-100 4K Package (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
324.40Mb (2579 downloads)
FSX/P3D LOCKHEED L1011-100 TriStar classic liveries collection. Based on Thomas Ruth and Eric Cantu's model, featuring a brand new Airfile. The VC model is Thomas Ruth's DC10 Interior with some minor texture modifications, alongside my improved DC10 2D Panel V4. This package of the iconic TriStar wide-body airliner is a rework of the great "Tom_L1011" base package. The exterior model is the original, however all aircraft textures have been enhanced to 4096x4096 pixels (4K) DDS DXT5 with increased detailling and better night lighting. This collection contains 17 beautiful liveries from some of the most iconic airlines from the 80's, including: Air Canada, LTU, ANA, British Airways, British Caledonian, Air Afrique, Eastern, PSA, Delta, Hawaiian, TWA, Gulf Air, Saudia, Cathay and Dragonair. The new panel features the following extra gauges: FMC by Garret Smith, TCAS by Dietmar Loleit, and VSpeed, Altitude Callout, Icons32, Brake and Cockpit sounds by Philippe Marion. Most of these gauges are using the FSX XML Sound gauge by Doug Dawson. New Rolls-Royce RB211 engine sound package, with L1011 TriStar RR RB211 AI sounds by Aeromusica, new effects and improved flight dynamics. Special thanks to Michael Pearson and Ricardo_tv for the original base repaints. Tested in FSX Acceleration (DX10) and FSX Steam Edition (DX9). Not tested in P3D but should work correctly up to V3. Sound effects may not work in V4 or V5.
Posted Nov 25, 2021 02:39 by Philippe Marion
FSX USA 10 metre mesh. Batch 5 Part 3 of 8
FSX USA 10 metre mesh. Batch 5 Part 3 of 8 (Category: FSX > Terrain Mesh)
48.10Mb (3082 downloads)
USA EAST USGS 10 metre mesh terrain - FSX only. This constitutes 10 metre terrain mesh for a section of the USA, The whole USA East mesh files will abutt the US West Coast 10m mesh already available, that was made by: Raimondo Taburet. Make sure you have your scenery terrain settings at about 5 metres in the FSX display dialogue for the mesh to show properly! Includes: CO, NE, KS, IA, MO, IL, IN, KY.
Posted May 23, 2009 05:27 by Wayne Evans
FSX Japan Airlines Boeing 747-SR46
FSX Japan Airlines Boeing 747-SR46
FSX Japan Airlines Boeing 747-SR46 (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
24.78Mb (521 downloads)
Japan Air Lines Flight 123 (also known as JAL123) was a scheduled domestic Japan Air Lines passenger flight from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Osaka's Itami International Airport, Japan. On August 12, 1985, a Boeing 747SR operating this route suffered a sudden decompression 12 minutes into the flight, and crashed in the area of Mount Takamagahara, Ueno, Gunma Prefecture, 100 km (62 mi; 54 nmi) from Tokyo 32 minutes later. The crash site was on Osutaka Ridge, near Mount Osutaka. The aircraft, which was configured with increased economy-class seating, was carrying 524 people. All 15 crew members and 505 of the 509 passengers died in the accident. Some of the passengers survived the initial crash but died of their injuries hours later while awaiting rescue. Surpassing the fatalities of All Nippon Airways Flight 58, which crashed 14 years earlier with 162 fatalities, it is the deadliest single-aircraft accident both in Japan and global aviation history. Model by Project Opensky. No vc
Posted Aug 13, 2022 13:46 by Christopher Carrera Calvo
3 liveries and white paintkit for T-45C Goshawk
777.25Mb (178 downloads)
White paint for repaints plus 3 liveries for the T-45C Goshawk model by Dino Cattaneo. credits to: Dino Cattaneo, Grant MacLean, Fabio Lagattolla, Delta Tango Nine Two.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 13, 2024 10:55 by Delta Tango Nine Two
FSX/P3D Tristar L-1011 ALIA Royal Jordanian JY-AGH Textures
14.04Mb (82 downloads)
FSX/P3D Tristar L-1011 ALIA Royal Jordanian livery (JY-AGH). Texture only for amazing Thomas Ruth / Eric Cantu L-1011 model. Repaint by Norberto Febles.
Required files:
required file
Posted Jan 15, 2024 11:08 by Norberto Febles
FSX/P3D Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk Package V2.83
FSX/P3D Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk Package V2.83
153.34Mb (6102 downloads)
FSX/P3D Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk Package V2.83. The T-45C Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the Bae Hawk single engine jet trainer,adapted to aircraft carrier ops. This package contains an entirely new visual model,with self shadowing,bump mapping and hi-res textures,working virtual cockpit, 3D gauges,and reasonably accurate flight model. Includes custom HUD by Jivko "Neutrino" Rusev and Scott Printz, sound package by Serge "fsxnavypilot" Lsa. Designed by Dino Cattaneo. FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH PREPAR3D V2.X and V3.X
Posted Apr 8, 2016 07:56 by dino cattaneo
FSX British Airways Airbus A350-1000 AGS-5G. (Category: FSX > Civil Jets)
13.15Mb (199 downloads)
FSX British Airways Airbus A350-1000 AGS-5G. Night lights reflection on the ground has been added to my moving vehicle headlights and red brake lights in this AGS 5th generation update (Animated Ground Servicing). N.B. Aircraft Taxi Lights must be "on" to see the effect. Aircraft, panel, ground animations, night effect and paint by Camil Valiquette. ( CamSim )
Posted Jan 10, 2024 00:25 by Camil Valiquette
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